What Is a Snapchat Score and How Does It Work (2022)

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If you are using Snapchat for the first time, and you want to know what is the Snapchat score and how does it work.

Then you may have other questions related to the Snap score that we will cover today.

When you use your Snapchat app by sending and receiving chats and snaps, the snap score increases.

For sent snaps in chats, the score is calculated by 1 point for each.

But there are multiple factors that Snapchat takes into consideration when calculating your Snap score.

This is why there are some Snapchat users that already got high snap scores.

It’s caused by using the app a lot and sending a lot of snaps to the public.

So today I will show you what is the Snapchat score and how does it work, also how to increase it.

What Is a Snapchat Score

The Snapchat score or snap score below  the username on the profile page

The Snapchat score is the combination of calculated points that you get when you do a specific action on the app, like sending a snap.

It’s usually called a “Snapchat Score” or a “Snap Score”, they have the same meaning.

However, the Snap score is found on the profile page of each user.

So if you open your profile page on Snapchat, you will see it below the account profile picture.

When you first create your account on Snapchat, the Snap score will start by zero, “0”.

Then it will start increasing depending on your activity like receiving or sending snaps.

Also watching stories, and using the app for a long time.

How Does the Snapchat Score Work

Getting details to check how does the snap score work

The Snapchat score increases when you make a specific type of action in the app.

Like if you send a snap to your friend, your Snap score will increase by 1 point.

If you have a lot of friends on the app, Snapchat will consider this as a good point to increase your score.

The number of stories you’ve sent and received on Snapchat plays a role.

However, Snapchat doesn’t provide a lot of information about how the snap score works.

What is the benefit of Snapchat score

When you increase the Snapchat score, this will show others how much you are active on the app.

So as much as your score is high, your friends will consider it as you are a person who’s famous on the app.

It’s like the number of followers and following on Instagram that you have.

But it’s a gamification feature that pushes you to stay on the app.

How Is Snap Score Calculated

The Snapchat score update after sending snaps to friends

The Snap score is calculated by the number of snaps, stories, videos that you send, watch and receive.

But Snapchat has the secret formula to calculate your snap score.

Now, if you had a public profile, this will increase your chance of getting a higher score.

1.Sending Snaps

By sending one snap, your Snap score will increase by 1 point.

So each time you send a snap to your friend, your snap score will increase.

Try to send a lot of snaps to multiple friends, then you will see that your snap score has increased.

2.Receiving and Watching Snaps

When you receive a snap from your friend, your snap score will increase by 1 point.

Now if you’ve watched a snap or a video story, also you will get points, but they are not specified.

So your points will increase with anything you do, but for some type of action, it can increase more.

3.Post Snapchat Stories

When you upload Snapchat stories, you will get points on Snapchat.

Now, posting a lot of videos at once won’t change the way you increase your snap score.

Highest Snap Score in the World

The highest snap score in the world is over 61 000 000 for the Snapchat user: Dion-19.

Also, there are a lot of other Snapchat users who has a lot of snap score.

Like the user: cris_thisguy, who has over 29 million snap score.

However, cris_thisgu shows post tips and tricks on how to increase your Snap score.

Which can help you increase your Snap score fast.

So when you learn from these people who’ve already made it, you can also benefit from them.

How To Find Your Average Snap Score per Day

There is no way that Snapchat can tell you the average number of snaps per day.

But there is another manual way that we all know how to do but can help you to get the average.

It’s a simple and applicable way.

To find your average snaps per day, check your snap score for 7 days continuously while using the app.

So take a note of how is your snap score increasing each day.

Then on the 7th day make an addition of the seven days, then divide the result by 7.

Which will give you the average of the snaps.

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The snap score is the best way that Snapchat use to calculate how much you are active on the app.

So when you use the app a lot and interact with it as you do on other social media platforms, you will see a growth in your snap score.

However, keep in mind not to spam your friends and the community to higher your score.

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