What Does “Added by Search” Mean on Snapchat

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Users can add you in multiple ways on Snapchat, so you may wonder what does “Added by Search” mean.

Making friends on Snapchat is crucial to get to see the full functionalities of the app, generally speaking, new friends adds are the gasoline of the app to keep it alive.

The Added by Search, most likely is that the person searched for you, or found you on the Snapchat Search page.

Yet, there is another reason that may result in adding you by the search.

But the Added by username is very likely that the person searched for your exact username, then added you.

This means there is a common cause when you see “Added by Search” or “Added by Username”.

The common cause is that the person was searching for you in the “Quick Search”.

So today I will show what does “Added by Search” mean on Snapchat.

What Does “Added by Search” Mean on Snapchat

Added by Search on Snapchat

The “Added by Search” on Snapchat means that the person either searched directly for your username then added you, or they found you on the search randomly when they were searching for someone.

However, the “Added by Search” usually comes below the username of the person who added you.

You will see it on the Quick Add menu, on the Add Friends page.

So they don’t need specifically to type your name in the Quick Search to find you, yet they can find you with your username if they know you.

If you are not aware of the Quick Search feature, it’s a search like mutual friends on Facebook and Instagram.

Added by Search or Username on Snapchat

Added by username means that they searched specifically for your username and added you, however, added by the search means that they found you randomly by the search.

The two cases have nearly the same meaning, but the only difference is that the username is more specified than the Added by Search on Snapchat.

To simplify things, if for example your name is Yako Ben and people add you on the Quick Search.

This means that they found you on the Search Page, but they don’t know your username.

If they add you by your username, this means they searched for Yakoben21.

Yakoben21 is the username, this means that the user has added you specifically by your username.

Can You Tell if Someone Searches You on Snapchat

No, you can’t tell if someone searches for you on Snapchat, as there is no option that helps you find out such types of actions.

But, Snapchat has other privacy tracking features such as notifying you when someone Screenshots your chat, story, snap map.

It also shows you how people added you on Snapchat, whether by search or username and so on.

  • In terms of Snapchat Story, you will be able to see how many people viewed it.

You can also know who screenshotted your Snapchat story.

The notification will show up on your chat page with the person.

  • For the snap map, you can find out if someone checked your location through the Snap Map directly, or the snap of the user.

The good thing about it is that it tells you where was the last position of the user and if they were recently traveling.

So it’s a powerful tracking feature on Snapchat.

  • Now for the Chat page, it’s easy to know if someone screenshotted your Snapchat.

This feature will help you to know if the user is interested in your chat or in the media you’ve sent.

However, there is a tricky thing you can do to remove the snap sent directly after viewing it.

This means that they will only be able to see your snap once, so they can’t screenshot it.

Can Someone Tell if You Search Them on Snapchat

The same thing as the recent question, but from your part, other users can’t tell if you were searching for them unless you screenshot their chat, snaps, story.

If you do so, they will receive a notification about it instantly.

Obviously, you may bear the consequences of getting into a discussion, getting unfriended, or blocked.

If you want to take a screenshot, you can do it by using another phone.

You need to place the phone in front of the Snapchat app screen and capture the snap story or chat.

However, there are ways to add someone without them knowing that you’ve added them.


Snapchat is one of the most used social media apps, and users like to spend by adding new friends.

So users on Snapchat can add you by your “Username, Phone Number, Search, and Quick Add”.

You can choose whether you want to receive these types of friend requests on your Snapchat account or not.

So today you’ve learned what does “Added by Search” mean on Snapchat.

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