Spotify Web Player Complete Guide: How to access and use it [2022]

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A tutorial about Spotify Web Player, complete guide on how to access and use it. Spotify, the world’s largest music streaming service is looking to go public this year. The company has made a direct appeal to shareholders in an attempt to get investors on its side as it gears up for one of the most high-profile tech IPOs in years.

Spotify is a music, podcast, and video streaming service. Launched on October 7, 2008, in the United States, it has since expanded to most of Europe, most major Latin American countries, Canada and New Zealand. The app launched on home entertainment equipment including Amazon Fire TV devices in December 2014.

Spotify provides its users with unlimited streaming of selected music tracks on Smartphones and desktop or laptop computers for free (supported by advertisements), or for the price of a monthly subscription fee that varies between.

Spotify is a digital music service with over 172 million users. It offers instant access to millions of songs and gives you playlists based on your tastes.

What devices is Spotify compatible with?

Spotify launched Web Player for web users who don’t like software or app installation on different devices. There is a long list of the devices and operating systems that are in the compatibility list of Spotify. The below chart will show you what devices Spotify supports.

Operating systems:

Here is the table and gallery that shows the supported OS by Spotify.

iOS 12 or aboveAndroid OS 5.0 or aboveOS X 10.11 or aboveWindows 7 or above

Web Player:

Check you to install Spotify++ on iOS

What is Spotify Web Player?

Spotify Web Player is the website of Spotify company that lets you stream music via the web instead of downloading the app on the device. I think it is an excellent service especially for those people who have low storage phones. With some limitations you can enjoy the app experience on the website, it’s like on the go, plug, and play. Instead of installing the app just open browser visit  and you are good to go. That’s why many of us love to use the web versions of services like Netflix, Spotify, HBO Max, etc. We are bringing the complete guide on how to use Spotify Web Players with an explanation of its key features.

Before you proceed to the guide section, we want you to check our list of Free Spotify Accounts 2022.

How to Access Spotify Web Player

It is very easy to access the Spotify Web Player anytime you want. The below guide is for those users who already have the Spotify Account. In case, you don’t have a Spotify account you have to create a new one. Here’s is how you can access Spotify Web Player on any device having a browser.

1: Launch your preferred browser on your device, using Google Chrome will be much appreciated.

2: Visit the URL on browser and click on the Login. Sign in with your Spotify Account.

(People who don’t have the Spotify Account already have to click or tap on the Sign-up option, complete the account registration and you are good to go with the below steps)

Spotify Web Player

3: Users can direct Login to Spotify Web Player using their Google Account or, the regular procedure like email and password which they used while creating the Spotify Account as shown in the screenshot above.

Your Name Menu

Once you logged in to Spotify there will be your Name icon on the top left of Spotify Web Player. When you click on your name, you will get to see the following options.

  • Account: Select this option to view and customize your Spotify account settings.
  • Profile: This option is for viewing and editing your Spotify profile.
  • Upgrade to Premium: With this option, you can upgrade to a premium Spotify account, it needs money! Not so much but still!
  • Log out: Before closing the Spotify Web Player, Make sure to sign out of Spotify. It is good for security and privacy purposes.

Spotify Web Player Home

At the top of Spotify Web Player Left Pane, we see an option of Home, it will take you to the main home screen also known as the first screen of Spotify.

Custom Search on Spotify Web

Like the Smartphone and Desktop Spotify app, users have the custom search option on Spotify Web Player too. Here, users can search the title of their desired track to which they want to listen to. Ensure that you searched the right title with correct spelling.

Web Player Spotify Your Library

The third option on Left Pane on your Spotify Web Player is the Your Library section. Here users see his/their personalized content. You can select this option to see the playlists, podcasts, artists, and albums you follow on this streaming service.

Spotify Web Player

Create Playlist on Spotify Web Player

Like on the Spotify app for smartphones or desktops/laptops, users can also Create Playlist of Spotify Web Player of their favorites and frequently listen to tracks.

Find Liked Songs on Web Spotify

If you are so much obsessed with a specific song, playlist or some random songs which you listen to a lot just give it alike. By liking any song it will go to the liked songs. So, users don’t have to search for that song again. Click on the liked songs and here they all are.

Limitations on Spotify Web Player

The first limitation on Spotify Web Player is the speed limit. If you are a new Spotify user you may not notice the speed variation but an avid Spotify old user quickly analyze the drop in speed of searching and playing.

The second and main notable difference between Spotify Web and Spotify Web is that the Web version doesn’t let users to save the song offline. It means users always need an active internet connection to open Spotify Web and to listen to the tracks.

Personal View on Spending Money at Spotify and Similar Services.

While I’m no stranger to the idea of music streaming services, I was hesitant to take the plunge. When it comes to purchasing music, particularly in an industry where we’re constantly promoting new artists (and therefore getting paid for streams and downloads), I’ve always been a little conservative with my spending. I’ll bite the bullet on ticket purchases, but if you find me buying something on iTunes or Spotify, you best believe that it’s because I loved every song on the album and can’t wait.

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