Snapchat Username Reverse Lookup in 5 Ways

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Are you trying to do a Snapchat username reverse lookup to find someone’s name from your Snapchat app?

If you want to know the name of your Snapchat friends, you can simply check his profile page.

However, you can get some information from their Snapchat profile page which will help you with the reverse username lookup.

But you have to keep in mind that Snapchat takes its users’ privacy as seriously as other social media platforms.

So in Snapchat, it’s not that easy to do a username reverse lookup, but there are some methods that can work for you.

On the other hand, all apps that pretend to reverse lookup you or spy on Snapchat users are fake.

Today, I will show 5 ways to do a Snapchat username reverse lookup to find the person you are looking for.

Can you look up Snapchat usernames

Yes, it’s possible to look up Snapchat usernames by following some tricks that helps you find the user identity.

However, it’s totally fine to check the real identity of the person you are trying to look up their username.

But you have to be doing this legally and don’t use it for illegal activities. 

How To Do a Snapchat Username Reverse Lookup

To do a Snapchat username reverse lookup, first open the profile of your friend then check their Snapchat username, also take a look at their birthday zodiac.

Then go and start doing your reverse lookup tips to get to know the real person behind the Snapchat profile.

You can find them also on other social media as well, most of the users will keep the same name on multiple social media platforms.

But a part of them will change their username, or probably just have a Snapchat account.

So check the tips below to do a Snapchat username reverse lookup easily.

Note that we will take the username “Yakoben21” as a Snapchat username example.

1.Check your Snapchat friend’s username

Open Snapchat profile and do a username reverse lookup

First, open the Snapchat app on your iPhone or Android, then go to the chats section.

After opening the chat section, find the friend you want to reverse lookup their username.

Then tap on their profile photo to find more information about them.

When the profile page opens, check your Snapchat friend’s username.

So you will see the name they’ve chosen on the top and the Snapchat username below their Snapchat name.

This is a good way to find your friend’s Snapchat name as a first lookup tip.

Which will help you a lot to find them on other social media platforms.

2.Search for it on Google

Make a Snapchat username reverse lookup on Google app

After you’ve found the username, go and simply type their username on Google.

Now if their username makes sense like a real name, for example, “Yakoben21” is the username.

You can search for the same username, but if you didn’t get results, type “Yako Ben”.

Which is their name and family name and this will allow you to find all real persons that have this name.

Then you will find on the result page a lot of accounts related to the username if they had any.

So start checking all pages to get a clear view of the person’s identity.

However, you have to see your friend’s face, which will facilitate the Snapchat username reverse lookup for you.

If you can recognize their face, you will be able to see them on other social media platforms.

3.Try to find them on other social media platforms

Snapchat username reverse lookup on social media apps

If you did Google research and haven’t found anything related to your friend’s username.

It’s time to try other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

On Facebook, type the Snapchat username or the person’s real name in the “Search Bar” then search for it.

On Instagram also tap on the “Search Icon” and try to add the username or name of your Snapchat friends.

Now on Twitter, type the name of the person in the search bar and search for a Twitter account related to the same user.

4.Reverse search his profile picture and other images

Search by image on Google Lens using the Google app to find a Snapchat user

One of the powerful ways to look up a person on Snapchat is by their image.

Which will get you easily to find out who the person is and which accounts they have.

So if they have a photo on their public Snapchat profile that you think can be useful for you to search for, use it.

Don’t take a screenshot of their photos because it will show them that you did.

Instead, take capture your phone screen with another phone, then go to Google Images, and upload the photo there.

After upload, the photo, reverse search the profile picture of your Snapchat friend by tapping on the search button.

Then check all photos related to them.

Now if you haven’t found what you were looking for then try the 5th tip.

5.Check their Snapchat birthday zodiac

Check friend profile zodiac to estimate when they were born

You have to check your Snapchat friend’s birthday to get the best results when you do a Snapchat reverse username lookup.

So to find your Snapchat friend’s approximate birthday date, open their profile, and check the small zodiac sign below their profile.

Also, to check their approximate birthday date deeper, go down to the “Charms Menu” then check their zodiac signs.

So when you do the research, you will find out if it’s related to what you are looking for or not.


When you do a Snapchat username reverse lookup, there will be a lot of information to take care of.

Like the real name of the person, birthday date, profile picture.

But if you can’t see any useful information on your friend’s profile, that means they’ve made their profile private.

It will be hard for you to check the real person behind the Snapchat account.

However, these 5 tips to do a Snapchat username reverse lookup are the best tips you can try out to find the real person behind the usernames.

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