Snapchat Lookup by Phone Number in 5 Steps

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There are different ways to find a user on Snapchat, whether by their username, the Quick Add, the Snap Map, or by doing a phone number lookup.

When you are seeking new friends and trying to find them quickly, there is the Quick Add feature.

In addition to that, you can see users from your contacts on the Quick Add menu.

The best way to find a friend on Snapchat using their phone number is by adding them to your device contact list, then syncing or refreshing the same list to the app.

Snapchat was created to connect friends virtually with all the necessary features that bring fun, useful, and interesting moments.

The unique feature about Snapchat is that it allows users to choose the timing when their messages vanish.

Whether letting it disappear just after opening or keeping it for a loop of 24 hours only.

Today, I will teach you how to look up someone on Snapchat by phone number.

How to Lookup by Phone Number on Snapchat

To look up someone by their phone number on Snapchat, create a new contact on your device by adding the phone number of your target, then refresh or sync the contacts list to Snapchat.

Then check the Quick Add feature and lookup for the name of the person you are searching for.

You will most likely find the person on the Quick Add menu, or by checking “All Contacts” on the Add Friends page.

To access the Quick Add, you need to tap on the “+ person” icon.

If you can’t find the person you’re looking for, try to get their Snap Code.

You can find them by their Snapchat username or their real name by typing it on the Quick Search.

1.Create a new contact on your phone

Create a new contact on phone

First, you need to create a new contact on your phone to assure that the user you are looking for is on Snapchat.

However, if you already have the number of your target registered on your Contacts list, then skip this step.

To start creating the new contact on your phone, go to the number pad.

Then type the number of your target to create a new contact and enter a memorable name like “Target111” or “Search999”.

When you do so, you have to visit your Snapchat app to sync the contacts and do the phone number lookup for your target.

2.Open your Snapchat app

Clear the Snapchat cache

Navigate to your Snapchat app settings to sync the contacts.

To go to the settings page, tap on your Snapchat profile picture, then tap on the “Gear” icon at the top right of the screen.

When you open the Snapchat settings, make sure that you already cleared the cache.

If you are not aware of what does the cache means, it’s a temporal memory that holds the Snapchat data, such as memories and chats to run faster.

To refresh the contacts list on Snapchat, you need to clear the cache.

To clear the cache, scroll down on the “Settings” page until you find the “Clear Cache” option.

When you find it, tap on it and tap on “Continue” in the new popup.

Then restart the app and check again the contacts.

3.Navigate to the “Manage Contacts” page

Navigate to the Manage Contacts on Snapchat page to lookup the target

Now that you’ve cleared the cache, you need to sync the contacts on Snapchat to lookup your target account.

To sync the contacts on iPhone go to the Snapchat Settings, then find the “Manage” option.

When you scroll down, you will find it.

After finding the Manage option, tap on it, then on the new page you will see multiple options.

These options contain “Autofill Settings”, “Maps”, “Contacts” and more.

To navigate to the Manage Contacts page you need to tap on “Contacts”.

On the other hand to sync contacts on Android, you simply need to scroll down on the Snapchat settings.

Then tap on “Contact Syncing” to open the “Manage Contacts” page.

4.Sync your Contacts to Snapchat

Sync Contacts to Snapchat to lookup someone by phone number

When you open the “Manage Contacts” page, you need to start with the sync process.

To start syncing the contacts, toggle the “Sync Contacts” switch ON, for iPhone.

However, on Android tap on the “Checkbox” to sync your contacts list to Snapchat.

Therefore, you can clear the cache again to refresh the contacts list and start the phone number lookup for your target.

Clearing the cache will show you the missed new phone numbers that have Snapchat accounts.

This can include your target user’s phone number.

5.Lookup new users by phone number on Snapchat

Lookup someone by phone number on Snapchat

After syncing all your device contacts to Snapchat and clearing the cache, you will be able now to start the phone number lookup on your target.

Usually, all the contacts that have a Snapchat account will be available on the “Add Friends” page.

Keep in mind that to be able to find someone by their phone number, you need to at least be aware of the name that you’ve registered on your Contacts.

However, you may find the target with another name, so it’s important to know the target name also.

So on Snapchat, tap the “+ Person” icon to navigate to the “Add Friends” page.

Then, when the page opens, tap on “All Contact”.

When the “All Contacts” page opens, you will see all the new contacts that you’ve synced recently, including your target contact.

So search for the name that you’ve registered on your contacts list, then you will find the Snapchat account of your target.

If you don’t find it, this means that they don’t have a Snapchat account.

However, they could have a Snapchat account, but disabled the “Quick Add” feature, or turned off the contact syncing, so this is why you can’t find them.

Why Does Snapchat Have My Old Contacts

If your Snapchat still has your old contacts, this is due to not clearing the Snapchat cache for a long time.

In order to wipe out the old contacts that are occurring on your “Add Friends” page, you need to clear the cache.

After clearing the cache, restart your Snapchat app, then navigate to the “Add Friends” page.

On that page, you will see that the old contacts disappeared and have been replaced with new ones.


Snapchat has a lot of features and still adding more on every update to acquire the maximum number of users, therefore, providing them with the best experience as a Social Media app.

So finding someone using their phone number and doing a lookup on Snapchat is very easy.

If you have the target phone number already registered on your phone, you can go directly to the Snapchat “Add Friends” page and search for them.

However, if you need to register the number first, do so, then clear the cache of the app and search for them on the “Quick Add” page.

Today you’ve learned how to find someone on Snapchat by doing a phone number lookup.

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