Savvi Review: Is This Fashion MLM Worth Your Time? 2022

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Could you be looking for Savvi Review? Is Savvi a scam or legit MLM. Stop worrying you have clicked the right site. Our objective is to provide all the necessary information needed to make perfect decisions before you invest in your time and money.

I know you could be probably wondering whether Savvi will help you make money online. Savvi is yet another money making online business focused on selling casual and sports apparels.

I have reviewed very many online programs because I have been a victim to many of these online scams. I am not saying all online businesses are scam but the biggest percentage are and I don’t want you to be scammed like I was.

Savvi has been in business for approximately 4 years now. It is an MLM company centered around selling apparels.

I am not affiliated with this MLM company and therefore believe that you are getting unbiased information on this Savvi Review.

What is Savvi?

Savvi is an MLM company founded in 2019 by Rachel Domingo, Jen Ashby and Ken Porter. The company deals in selling of Womens casual and sports apparels.

The company is currently headed by Ken Porter as the CEO. Savvi has existed in different phases that is as Honey & Lace and as well as Piphany.

If you happen to check on their about us page, they claim to empower women so as to style their world through the way they look, the way they work, the life they create for themselves and their families and the people they create with.

Their clothing comes in various luxurious designs with the focus on covering a wide variety of women around the globe.

Savvi is based at 5445 W Harold Gatty Dr, Salt Lake City , UT 84116, USA.

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Who is the Owner of Savvi?

Jenn Ashby and Ken Porter are the owners and founders of Savvi Lifestyle Company.

The company existed as Honey and Lace dealing in women clothes.

Jenn Ashby is one of the most talented marketers. If you have been to Savvi company you must be familiar with her face. She is the host of every fashion Friday where she delivers beautiful messages weekly about the company.

Ken Porter used his connections to attract many young designers both lively and lovely. He also had experience in MLM industry for over 30 years. Ken Porter is a man with the heads for business and a heart for community and personal development.

Ken Porter has gained over 50 Million dollars in this industry through the various successful brands he has built from scratch.

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How Do MLMS Work?

Residential Development – Multi-Family Construction Architecture as Background, Copy space

MLM companies operate through selling of products or services from person to person sales.

MLM is very controversial marketing strategy for the sale of products because revenue is obtained through a non-salaried workforce.

A MLM strategy may be considered as an illegal pyramid scheme.

Upon joining a MLM program, the company can either register you as an independent “distributor ” ,” participant” or “contractor” .

MLMs operate in two ways:

  1. By recruiting new participants and getting a commission based on their purchases and their sales to retailers
  2. By marketing and selling MLMs products to retail customers not concerned with the business.

If the MLM is not a pyramid scheme , they will pay based on your sales to retail customers without having to recruit new participants.

MLMs have a bad reputation where by people who join legitimate MLMs company have made little or no money which leaves them deeply in debt.

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What is A Pyramid Scheme And How Do You Spot One?

Most MLM businesses can seem to be legitimate but in the long run they seize to be scams.

According to Wikipedia: A pyramid scheme is a business model that recruits members via a promise of payments or services for enrolling others into scheme , rather than supplying investments or sale of products.

As recruiting multiplies, recruiting becomes quickly impossible and members are unable to profit, as such pyramid schemes are unsustainable and often illegal.

Here are some signs of a pyramid scheme:

  • Promise large money back guarantees which are false and practically not possible
  • Their main emphasis is on recruitment to make large sums of money
  • Use high pressure sales factics like you will lose the opportunity if you do not act now
  • Participants buy more products than they want to use or can resell to be active or qualify for bonuses.

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Is Savvi A Pyramid Scheme?

Savvi is not a pyramid scheme due to the fact that its members can earn both selling services or products and recruitment of new participants. But since Savvi is an MLM company , one should not expect to make money when you do not recruit new members to build your network.

This alone makes Savvi seem like a pyramid scheme because recruitment earns one more money than actual products. Whats your say…………………….?

Is Savvi Right For You?

If you want a business you can start without having to start from scratch , Savvi could be a great fit for you.

Most of the the members that actually make some sales do a lot of YouTube videos through which they recruit members if you ain’t social and good at convincing people to join you then this isn’t your best fit.

You will require a lot of time and money to invest so as to make some sales which will become even more hectic than your 9-5 job. But don’t worry check out my top #1 recommendation a business that will guarantee you a monthly income of not less than $10,000 a month.

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Is Savvi A scam?

Savvi is not scam though I don’t advise you to join this company before making thorough research. It is not a business opportunity like its guru do say.

Take your time consult from different sources that is we are best source you have consulted maybe another source could be the forums.

Forums that talk about MLMs have a pretty large and active communities. You will find people who have had experience with these MLM companies and are willing to share.

There are very many discussions so practically you cannot fail to find a forum with the right information you need.

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How to Make Money with Savvi?

Like any other MLM, you make money with Savvi through selling products and recruitment of members.

What could have made like this business is probably the selling part of it because Savvi pays you discounts. However expect difficulties in finding customers.

The recruiting part is another method where you will have to reach to people who are probably interested is signing up for the company.

Most MLMs encourage this alot because it is a win win situation for both parties that is the company and the members. People who sign up under you in short form a network and you are paid commission for sales made by those members.

Is Savvi Sustainable?

MLM business are not sustainable. In all cases you will have to run out of people to recruit.

The worst thing with MLMs is that they do not care buying and selling of products their main aim is recruitment.

How Much Can You Make With Savvi?

I have tried to draw a table using data from Savvi opportunity and earnings disclosure statement.

Advanced REP$111
Senior LEADER$275

This is how little you will make with Savvi. When you just join you will start at the bottom making an average income of about $46 remember this is an average so possibly you might not make that much.

Is this worth your hustle? making $46 after all the hardwork.

The next rank is Advanced REP where you will make an average $111 which is better than the $46 but still very low. If you are planning on quitting your 9-5 job and joining with Savvi please think twice before you make that regrettable decision.

PROS: Things I like about Savvi

  • High quality pieces; They try to create piece that you can wash for a long time without loosing shape, the feel and shape.

CONS: Things I dislike about Savvi

  • Saturated market; they are very many companies dealing in textile products. Lots and tonnes of clothes aare produced yearly. The market competition is very high.
  • Expensive membership fee because their cheapest membership fee goes for around $100 without samples of clothes getting a package with clothes goes for $500.

Savvi Compensation Plan

I have included a video explaining in detail the Savvi compensation plan but also find the summary of the plan right after the video.

  • Retail commissions : 25% to 50% common based on the sales.
  • Residual Commissions: Earn commissions on those who signed up under you.
  • Climbing Ranks: Rising in ranks give you opportunity to earn more money


Conclusion: Savvi

In conclusion of this Savvi Review, I am sure you have an idea of what you wanted to join. It is more tougher to work in an MLM than your 9-5 job because you expect a fixed salary every end of the month.

In an MLM, you need to work all the time, that is recruiting new members and making sales, which is pretty stressing and time consuming right!

I hope this Savvi Review helps in convincing you not to join these MLMs. The section just below has the best meothod of making money online.

Hopefully I helped you make that perfect decision.

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