PriceAction Forex Ltd Review – Everything You Need To Know

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You’ve have probably read PriceAction Forex Ltd review from other sites , but aren’t sure if they’re as accurate and transparent as they claim? Is it really feasible to benefit using their signals service in the first month? Are they genuine?

People who desire to make money through forex trading are becoming more popular.

And the widespread popularity pushed many merchants to devise novel ways to assist dealers.

PriceAction Forex Ltd is a well-known name in the forex industry among hundreds of trading signal providers.

They strive to deliver the most profitable signals with a guarantee of 90% accuracy.

But do you want a more detailed analysis based on your experience? Then we get to an assessment of PriceAction Ltd’s signalling services.

We’ve been utilizing their signal services for about a month now. So we’ll answer any questions you have about them.

PriceAction Forex Ltd Overview

Priceactionltd is a forex signal provider that is a market leader in the provision of several trading services.

They promise to deliver profitable and reliable forex signals that have been thoroughly researched by a team of expert traders.

PriceAction Ltd.’s Telegram platform currently serves 418K+ individuals.

They have several channels, one for each service. PriceAction Ltd. offers live chat customer assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

PriceAction Ltd claims to get 1500 pips per month on the premium signals channel of Telegram. Do you think this is realistic?

Wait a second, since this is not the case. They have been consistently generating 1,600+ pips for their traders for the past 9 months.

According to their official website, PriceAction Ltd provides on average 90% of trade signals with a risk-reward ratio of 1:2.

Priceactionltd has developed the Automated Trader Bot, Copier, different trading-related calculators, and e-books, in addition to services for commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies.

What Does PriceActionLTD Offer?

Free Forex Signals

The PriceAction team posts their trading signals on the PriceAction Telegram channel.

They have a 350K+ member community and deliver 5-6 free signals weekly. You may join their free channel to test their free signals.

We discovered after going through their free channel that they provide specifics on every trade they conduct, including the entry price, stop loss, and take profit.

PriceAction Ltd is open about their outcomes and analysis interpretations, in addition to providing free alerts and pips.

There have been a few situations where they have suffered significant losses in February 2021.

Nonetheless, PriceAction Ltd. was not afraid to expose their failure.

Free Projection:

Every day, the PriceAction team publishes trade estimates, demonstrating their trading effectiveness. Here’s an illustration:

VIP Forex Signals on Telegram

They give an incredible quantity of signals, pips, and services in the Telegram channel for VIP users, which is truly astounding.

They aim to offer 200+ lucrative signals every month by providing 5-8 signals per day.

However, they are hardly able to live up to their aspirations. Priceactionltd offered 16,732+ pips on forex for their premium service in 2021.

They have paid special attention to their VIP users, providing them with account management possibilities.

They also provide weekly unique deals, particularly during peak seasons.

PriceAction Forex LTD Pricing

PriceAction Ltd’s VIP membership has five price choices ranging from one month to a lifetime subscription.

The price ranges from $40 per month to $224 for a lifetime subscription. All clients have access to trading, query, and trade analyst help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Members will also have access to their video collection as lifetime members.

Signal Performance

PriceAction Ltd. has a high accuracy rating of more than 90%, which traders praise. The average pips gain on their VIP channel (3 weeks in January 2022) is precisely 1605.

Priceaction Ltd Cons And Complaints

1. Some Investors Find It Very Expensive

Some may consider them to be rather expensive for a one-month membership.

However, when it comes to evaluating their signals, services, and returns, their cost should not be an issue.

Furthermore, Price Action periodically gives cash reductions on their subscription costs.

2. Missing Out Their Live Signals On Signals Services For Indices, Commodity And Cryptocurrency

People frequently complain about missing live indications on indices and commodities.

However, as we all know, the NYSE indexes move at a breakneck pace (170 points/1700+ pips per minute during peak hours).

As a result, users must be as quick as they provide signals in order to take advantage of the most advantageous trades.

Significant Features of PriceAction Ltd

PriceAction Ltd provides an automated trader that monitors market trends and produces the optimal position for traders to trade while adhering to risk management.
Price Action Forex Ltd. has delivered 2,02,209+ winning signals for indices, commodities, and crypto-like bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, ripple, and dogecoin in the year 2021.
PriceAction Ltd provides forex scalp traders with tips that yield 43 percent gain.

In addition, there is a copier program that duplicates live signals in 5 seconds and executes them on the trader’s master account to limit the chance of losing out on advantageous trade signals.

PAFX Secret Indicator assists in more effective trading by highlighting the most successful trade moves in the market.

Price Action Ltd. has released two eBooks: LEARN WITH PAFX, which costs $4.99, and THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO FOREX TRADING, which costs $19.99, as well as the recently launched Forex Strategy Pays Bill.

PriceAction Ltd. has been producing blogs virtually every week about financial markets, currencies, market movements, and current world events.

Traders’ Feedback

PriceAction Ltd has gotten a wide range of responses from its massive community.

On any given day, the vast majority of positives outnumber the bad.

PriceAction has a 4.4 rating on review sites like Trustpilot from its reviewers, who share their thoughts and experiences constructively.

PriceAction Ltd Review Conclusion

We would like to recommend PriceAction Forex Ltd’s signal services based on our extensive study and experience with them.

As a premium member, we were able to earn by adhering to their risk management guidelines.

Priceactionltd. has been releasing their trading analysis on their Telegram channel on a regular basis, demonstrating their transparency value.

As a result, this signal source is highly recommended for all levels of forex traders, from beginners to experts.

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