Navan Global Review: Everything You Need To Know! 2022

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Could you be looking for Navan Global Review? Are they scam or pyramid scheme?

You are possibly wondering whether their products are good or not. Stop worrying you have come to the right site because we have answers to the questions you are asking yourself.

Maybe someone came to you selling CBD oil or secondly that person is in your friendship circle told you about starting a business partnering with Navan Global.

You could probably be wondering whether it is the right decision to start the MLM business or not.

Stress no more, in this Navan Global review, I have covered all the aspects by end of this review you will be in position to make that perfect decision.

Most of the reviews on various sites like youtube and google are all biased and affiliated with Navan Global. Thi implies that if you sign up for this MLM organisation using their link, they will profit.

As a result , these kind of assessments are never objective.

My committment to you is that I am not going to provide you a link to join in this article and I am not affiliated with Navan Global in anyway.

Nevertheless I will provide you with my #1 top RECOMMENDATION at the end of this article.

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Navan Global is an MLM company that distributes CBD products. I tried to figure out who owned this company but nothing was written on the “about us ” page.

I discovered that TREY KNIGHT is the founder of this MLM organization after reading a news release.

What causing him to hide his company and why is the company not also open about its founder.

Let me tell you something: Trey Knight has a very terrible reputation in the network marketing industry.

He has a shady history as a result of his involvement with Pyramid schemes.

His former businesses are also the subject of several litigation.

He has worked for a number of pyramid schemes from the beginning of 2009.

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What Is A Pyramid Scheme?

pyramid scheme is a business model that recruits members via a promise of payments or services for enrolling others into the scheme, rather than supplying investments or sale of products.

Pyramid schemes are prohibited in the United States, and the business idea is a fraud. Scammers frequently own this business concept.

They make billions by providing you the option to make money in them.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in the United States monitors all of these concerns and prohibits them when they are discovered.

Let’s discuss about the proprietor of Navan Global’s credibility.

Trey Knight is a well-known actor.

Trey Knight was the proprietor of Fortune Hi-tech Marketing, a pyramid fraud.

Hundreds of customers have lost money as a result of this company’s previous problems.

His company, FHTM, was declared a pyramid/ponzi scheme by the Federal Trade Commission in 2013.

But you know what? Trey Knight was a smart guy; he joined Limu in 2011 before anything happened.

Later, the FTC banned Limu as well.

Trey Knight went on to found Sozo Global, a so-called multilevel marketing firm.

In 2015, he failed once more and sold his multilevel marketing company to youngevity, a CBD multilevel marketing giant.

Trey Knight then vanished from the world, reappearing almost five years later with the notion of Novan Global.

His life had been difficult, and he had attempted a number of businesses, all of which were pyramid schemes.

However, Navan Global appears to be gaining traction.

Is this multilevel marketing organization a pyramid scheme or not?

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Is Navan Global A Pyramid Scheme?

Not all MLM firms are pyramid schemes, and pyramid schemes are illegal all over the world.

Is Navan Global a PYRAMID Scheme?

Personally, I believe that Navan Global is not a pyramid scheme, but rather an outright pyramid scheme.

I’ll explain later, but first, let’s speak about why a multilevel marketing company is termed a pyramid scheme.

1 – When there are no tangible products

2 – They have items, but the majority of their revenue comes from distributors rather than retail sales.

Because Navan Global sells CBD products, company met the first criterion.

Let us now go on to the second.

I just studied a CBD mlm firm that generates the majority of its revenue through distributors and also sells physical items.

It was bioreigns, and I discovered that it is a complete pyramid scam.

Most multi-level marketing companies offer actual items, but they require their distributors to recruit others.

Navan Global, on the other hand, does not compel their affiliates to recruit others.

Because it also contains recruitment characteristics, it is an explicit pyramid scam.

I have an idea for you: why not ask the guy trying to sell you Navan global how much he makes from retail sales?

If he does not make more than 50% of his income through retail sales, Navan Global is also a pyramid scheme.

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Success Will Be Hard Here!

This is something that the individual who is attempting to recruit you will never tell you.

According to most statistics, 73 to 99 percent of those that join mlm to make money end up losing their money.

This is how the company model is set up.

MLMs are doomed from the start.

They are a complete waste of money and time, as well as the worst business strategy for 2020 and beyond.

I’m going to show you.

Why is the failure rate so high and success so rare in Navan Global…?

Two main reasons that I emphasize in my MLM reviews (I have reviewed over 300 MLM companies).

And these are the two points…

1 – MLM products are very expensive, and it makes no sense to buy them from you when people can get them 5x cheaper elsewhere.

Allow me to explain why.

Navan Global sells CBD products, the cheapest of which costs $99, while quality CBD can be purchased from companies and brands such as Amazon.

They are also 5x cheaper, more credible, and people blindly trust them.

2 – Recruitment is the worst marketing strategy, and it is a really difficult job. Recruiting your friends and family members demands work and a brave attitude to losing them. Also, if you are not a network marketer, it will be quite difficult.

One thing I want to point out is that if Navan Global allows you to recruit more than 5 individuals, it is a pyramid scheme.

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How Much To Join Navan Global?

There are three distinct subscriptions available in Navan global, and you can join any of them.

If you pay a higher fee to join, you will receive more things to sell.

The following are the packages:

  1. $300 for the starting kit
  2. $500 for the Business Builder Pack
  3. $1000 for the Ultimate Builder

This means that you’ll need at least $300 to get started with Navan Global.

Aside from this, there are additional costs associated with launching a multilevel marketing firm.

So, to begin with Navan Global, you may anticipate to pay $500.

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How To Make Money From Navan Global?

Navan global, like other mlms, is a multilevel marketing firm, and there are two typical ways to generate money from it.

  1. The first is to offer CBD products to individuals directly and earn retail commissions.
  2. Find individuals to recruit and build a downline around you.

MLMs often have a convoluted compensation scheme.

In the worldwide Navan, nothing is different.

It features a sophisticated compensation structure.

The majority of folks don’t get it and join the business anyhow.

MLMs such as Navan Global now develop this type of compensation scheme on purpose.

Anyway, Navan Global has 14 affiliate levels, which are shown below.

Affiliate Ranks

They have 14 ranks, and you may progress through them by achieving specific objectives. If you advance in rank, you will earn more…

Below is a diagram that will help you understand the situation much better.

Here’s an intriguing information for you to consider. These multilevel marketing companies are usually structured in such a way that it appears to be simple to generate money from them.

Many people believe they are simple because they show themselves in this manner.

According to Navan Global, you may earn $15,000 per month while achieving diamond level, yet based on the payout scheme, this appears to be nearly impossible.

Every month, 500–1000 persons are recruited.

You’re kidding, right?

Residual Commission

You will earn this commission from your downline.

The more people you have in your downline, the more money you’ll make.

Again, I’d want to emphasize the importance of studying their recruitment structure.

It’s a pyramid scheme if they let you hire as many people as you want.

And, for those who are unaware, pyramid schemes are illegal all over the world.

Furthermore, the FTC has the authority to prohibit them at any moment.

As a result, this is not a long-term endeavor.

Rank Achievement Bonuses

When you rank up, you will also receive a bonus.

$100 for the manager

$300 for the director

$500 – Executive

$2000 for sapphire

$4000 for Ruby

$8000 for Emerald

$15000 for a diamond

$25000 for a Double Diamond

$45000 for a black diamond

$65000 – Royal black

$80,000 for a Crown Blue diamond

$100k for a double crown diamond

$130,000 for a triple crown diamond

President’s diamond – $200,000

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Navan Global sells a variety of goods, all of which focus on CBD.

These are the items that Navan Global sells.

  1. Tinctures
  2. Lotions
  3. Creams
  4. Using bath bombs
  5. Gummies

They also offer various items that aid in sleeping, etc.

According to me, these items have just one flaw.

Why would anyone buy your CBD, which is $25 – $30 more costly than the market?

It doesn’t make any sense. Navan Global goods are incompatible, and selling them will be challenging.

The second question is whether or not these items function.

For this, I spent the most of my time reading Navan global evaluations on trustpilot and other marketing platforms.

Some reviews were good, while others were negative.

Positive ones can be distributed by their distributors?

Who knows…

Negative feedback, for example, may come from a rival.

So, the only way to find out whether these things are worth your money is to acquire them yourself.

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Magnifying glass with the word scam magnified in blue tone in square format

No, Navian Global is not a scam.

It is a legitimate multi-level marketing organization that sells CBD goods that are more expensive and make no sense for customers to buy.

If you want to make money in this multi-level marketing firm, don’t waste your time or money on it.

There is no long-term business model available.

Navan Global is one of the many mlms that will fail.

Only 1% of MLM distributors make a few hundred bucks here and there.

And they are the most morally bankrupt and shameless individuals on the planet.

Sorry, but it irritates people when an old high school classmate tries to offer you a mlm business plan every day.

Stay away, based on my own experience.

I squandered two years attempting to generate money in these businesses.

I worked for Primerica and got nothing in return.

8 months and $4500 were squandered.

That concludes today’s review.

Before departing, Check out my top advice for starting an internet company that will produce $50,000 or more each month.

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