Mikey Kass – The Ecom Good Life Review, Scam or Legit?

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You may have heard of Mikey Kass, who is hawking his course The Ecom Good Life, if you are interested in dropshipping.

However, it’s difficult to tell whether the training will actually help you expand your dropshipping business.

Is Mikey actually privy to some top-secret hacks? Is Mikey a con artist?

To offer you an answer, I looked into Mikey’s past and dropshipping models to see whether it’s conceivable to make a six-figure income in a few months.

I’ll also tell you about a much better alternative at the end of this article that can help you generate six-figure passive income for free.

What follows is a breakdown of my thoughts on Mikey Kass and his show.

Who is Mikey Kass?

Mikey began working as a full-time entrepreneur at the age of 18.

He began his dropshipping business at the age of 17 and now earns $150k per month.

As a result, he dropped out of high school and moved to Hollywood Hills.

His parents were skeptical of his company and hired lawyers to investigate his outlets.

That’s why he was once pursued by detectives, followed by private investigators, and quizzed by attorneys who questioned how he could possibly make a six-figure salary.

However, after a year, Mikey decided to share his experience by creating a dropshipping course.

This resulted in the creation of the “The Ecom Good Life” training program, which is a series of video tutorials detailing how he was able to realize his Hollywood dream.

What to Expect in the Ecom Good Life?

Ecom Good Life, according to Mikey Kass, may teach you the following things:

How to Start a Profitable Dropship Business

Learn how to do proper product research and market to customers.

Simple methods for creating a profitable Facebook ad campaign to market your goods

Show you how to bargain with suppliers.

Discover the success behaviors and attitudes.

The strategies Mike has learned over the last four years are listed here, and he pledges to demonstrate them to you throughout the course.

How he achieved a success record of 65 percent or higher in selecting successful items

He demonstrates how he maintains a 40-50 percent net profit on 6 figures every month.

Rapidly increasing to $1000 per day

Work-life integration

A step-by-step guide to taking your Shopify dropshipping shop from $0 to possibly $10,000 – $150,000 a month.

He educates you about product research and marketing approaches.

Is Mikey Kass a Scam?

For legal reasons, I’m unable to call Mikey Kass a scam.

Although there is no proven proof, he may be one of the youngest dropshipping entrepreneurs.

You may, however, employ common sense.

Would you believe an 18-year-old who claims to have made $653k from a single business in only four months? Do you think it’s possible?

It might be difficult to tell if the statistics are real or not.

Because a Shopify business allows you to make as many orders as you like, and the revenue evidence is usually not profit.

The expense of Facebook advertisements, which may eat up over 90% of your profits, is rarely mentioned by dropshipping gurus.

Consider this: if Mikey truly knows the secrets of dropshipping success, why would he reveal this multimillion-dollar secret to you? It’s illogical.

Finally, just because it worked for him a few years ago does not guarantee that it will work for you now.

The world of dropshipping and internet marketing is rapidly evolving. Many marketing methods that were effective a few years ago are no longer relevant.

What’s Inside The Ecom Good Life Course?

The Ecom Good Life, like most drop shipping courses, includes a series of video lessons in which Mickey reveals his secrets to each member.

Facebook/Instagram Advertisements

These tutorials will show you how to employ marketing methods to get your ads to attract consumers and get them into your business.

Creating a Shopify Store

Mikey demonstrates how to create a dropshipping shop from the ground up.

Winning Product Research

These classes will show you how to identify winning items that will create revenue.


Mikey gives you some mindset techniques to help you deal with the difficulties of dropshipping.

Music Playlist

Mike, as a young lad, is imaginative enough to add a music collection to stimulate you, however I don’t understand the sense of paying for a playlist of tunes that is freely accessible on YouTube.

Is dropshipping still a viable option in 2020?

Dropshipping has gotten increasingly challenging, as an experienced dropshipper can tell you.

If you want to establish a six-figure dropshipping business, you’ll have to put in the effort to find out how it works.

I would not advocate dropshipping for the following reasons:

Financial Risks

If you don’t advertise, your dropshipping store will not sell anything. However, Facebook ad expenses are increasing, eroding your PROFITS. It might take weeks or even months to break even, much alone make a profit.

To put it another way, dropshipping requires you to assume a LARGE FINANCIAL RISK.

Facebook advertising are costly and difficult to manage.

Based on the experiences of most dropshippers, the total cost of your Facebook ads will account for at least 30% of your entire sales.

However, Facebook advertising are rarely effective for lengthy periods of time. Your ad becomes useless once the audience has been fatigued. Your overall revenue will be significantly reduced, and you may even lose money.

According to Forbes, Facebook’s ad expenses have increased by 90% year over year.

Worse still, because Facebook’s algorithm is always changing, the learning curve for Facebook advertisements is rather steep. Learning and testing Facebook Ads will take a significant amount of time and money.

Your ad account will be blocked if you run Facebook advertising without any prior experience.

Customer Service

You must spend a lot of time negotiating with suppliers and dealing with customer support while dropshipping.

You must wait for your supplier to assist you if your customer has a problem with the goods. You must face the loss if your supplier is not cooperative. As a result, many dropshipping shops have negative customer reviews and no repeat customers.

In the worst-case scenario, you should expect a high number of credit card chargebacks, putting your payment gateway at danger of being shut down.

A lot of work on product research

To make your store profitable, you must always locate a product that has the potential to become viral in order to pay the expenditures of advertising.

Most dropshipping items achieve their peak in 1-2 months, if not weeks. This is due to the fact that numerous rivals will steal your goods and produce a better advertisement. Or boost their Facebook ad spending to outbid you.

As a result, you must continue to identify fresh substitutes in order to generate cash flow.

People may publish revenues online, but they do not always disclose the net revenue.

Some of them may be profitable, but it is not sustainable.

Is There an Easier & Better Alternative to Dropshipping?

Whether you don’t want to waste your time or risk your money, you may question if there is a better business model that doesn’t require Facebook advertisements and can be done as a side job.

Yes, I would advise you to begin with affiliate marketing. It is more easier and less time consuming because you do not have to deal with customers.

Affiliate marketing allows you to run your business for absolutely little money. Most significantly, you do not need to spend in product creation or development.

MY #Top Recommendation : Make Passive Income Online

If you enjoy reading books, you must be willing to learn and develop in your job.

The world has changed dramatically in recent years as a result of the Internet. Making money online has grown lot easier in recent years.

To expand your wealth quickly, nothing beats creating a digital asset that creates income flow for you while you sleep.

In other words, it is quite feasible to create passive income instead of working a 9-to-5 job and live a financially free lifestyle.

“If you don’t figure out how to generate money while you sleep, you’ll labor until you die,” Warren Buffet stated.

If you want to create a consistent and reliable stream of passive income, I recommend starting an affiliate marketing business.

Affiliate marketing is ideal for those who are fresh to the world of internet business.

Affiliate marketing has proven to be the simplest and most rewarding internet business approach I’ve utilized thus far.

You can really conduct affiliate marketing nearly for free while earning a consistent and long-term passive income to help pay your bills. There is no need for start-up money, and it may even be done as a side business.

And if you truly want to master affiliate marketing and develop a business from the ground up, I’d recommend starting with the most respected affiliate marketing platform: Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is an all-in-one platform for starting your own affiliate marketing business. It provides you with a free account (including a free website) as well as complete SEO (free traffic tactics) training, allowing you to get started with affiliate marketing right away without spending a dime.

However, how much money can you make with Wealthy Affiliate?

A 21-year-old Wealthy Affiliate student earned $7,395 in only one week, which equates to more than $1,000 a day…all while employing free traffic sources.

Wealthy Affiliate has been around for 15 years, and there have been numerous success stories throughout the last decade.

Here are some more inspiring success stories from Wealthy Affiliate members to offer you some ideas.

Where to Join Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate features a straightforward price structure. It offers both free and paid membership.

If you want to get a feel for Wealthy Affiliate, you can sign up for a free starting membership by clicking here (no credit card required). You have the option of becoming a free member with no time limit.

Furthermore, as a starting member, you will get immediate access to the community, live chat, over 500 training courses, 2 classrooms, networking, comments, 1 free website, and access to the keyword tool.

You may enjoy all of these benefits for free.

So I strongly advise you to create a free account and check it out for yourself.

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