list of the best ESO monster sets (Elder Scrolls Online) 2022

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ESO Monster Sets (Elder Scrolls Online) are item sets consisting of head and shoulder pieces styled after group dungeon bosses.

They come in all three weights. The heads are dropped by the final boss in veteran dungeons, and the shoulders can be bought from the respective Undaunted pledge masters.

Both can occasionally be bought from The Golden for a fair amount of gold, with the heads being sold less frequently than the shoulders; two styles of either heads or shoulders are sold each weekend.

ESO Monster Sets are often used for their bonuses. The first piece gives a stat bonus, and the second gives some sort of unique effect. As they come in all weights, they can be useful for obtaining the Undaunted Mettle stat boosts. They drop in all traits except Nirnhoned (though they can be transmuted to any).

The cosmetic outfit styles of these sets can also be obtained.

  1. Balorgh
  2. Baron Zaudrus
  3. Blood Spawn
  4. Chokethorn
  5. Domihaus
  6. Earthgore
  7. Encratis’s Behemoth
  8. Engine Guardian
  9. Grothdarr
  10. Grundwulf
  11. Iceheart
  12. Ilambris
  13. Infernal Guardian
  14. Kjalnar’s Nightmare
  15. Kra’gh
  16. Lady Thorn
  17. Lord Warden
  18. Maarselok
  19. Maw of the Infernal
  20. Mighty Chudan
  21. Molag Kena
  22. Mother Ciannait
  23. Nerien’eth
  24. Nightflame
  25. Pirate Skeleton
  26. Scourge Harvester
  27. Selene
  28. Sellistrix
  29. Sentinel of Rkugamz
  30. Shadowrend
  31. Slimecraw
  32. Spawn of Mephala
  33. Stone Husk
  34. Stonekeeper
  35. Stormfist
  36. Swarm Mother
  37. Symphony of Blades
  38. Tremorscale
  39. The Troll King
  40. Thurvokun
  41. Valkyn Skoria
  42. Velidreth
  43. Vykosa
  44. Zaan

What Are The Best Monster Sets ESO?

Here is the list of the best monster sets one can get in the Elder Scrolls Online.

Grothdarr: Increase Your Maximum Magicka And Drown Your Foes In Lava

Because it comes from a monstrous Flesh Atronach who acts as one of the bosses in the Vaults of Madness, Resident Evil fans might mistake the Grothdarr set for a Nemesis cosplay. Grothdarr does not drop the helm; instead, it can be discovered by its maker, a frightening Lich known as the Mad Architect.

This set is ideal for people who want to focus on Magicka because it gives them an extra 25-1096 Magicka.

When used together, this combination allows the player to generate a lava pool around them, which damages foes for five seconds. Glirion the Redbeard’s Sand and Madness Coffer contains the pauldron.

Engine Guardian: Recover Health Faster And Summon A Dwemer Friend

The Engine Guardian set, which includes 3-129 health recovery, will appeal to Dwemer fans across the Elder Scrolls franchise.

When all parts are joined, the player can summon a Dwemer automaton and recover a significant quantity of health (as well as stamina or Magicka depending on the player’s concentration).

The Engine Guardian, the last fight in Darkshade Caverns II, drops the helm. For five Undaunted Keys, Maj al-Ragath will sell the Darkshade Caverns Coffer, which contains the shoulder pauldron.

Symphony Of Blades: Gain Merida’s Favor And Heal More Efficiently

The Symphony of Blades set, like the Earthgore set, enhances a player’s healing capacity by 4%, making it ideal for players in supporting and healing roles.

When both components are joined, they give a unique ability when a teammate’s primary ability is less than 50%: They gain Meridia’s Favor after healing, which restores 13-570 Magicka or Stamina per second for six seconds.

As part of The Guiding Light Quest, the helm is dropped by the final boss of the same name in the Depths of Malatar.

The shoulder piece may be discovered in the Undaunted Enclaves, in Urgarlag Chief-Wrathstone bane’s Coffer.

Earthgore: Heal Your Party Faster And Remove Status Effects

While many monster sets augment offensive skills, the Earthgore set will be of interest to healers and supports since one piece from this set offers a 4% bonus to all healing done.

If a player or teammate falls below 50% health, all negative status effects are eliminated, and the party member with the lowest HP receives a massive health boost over 10 seconds.

Valkyn Skoria: Increase Spell Penetration And Crush Foes With A Meteor

This set is named after the last boss in the Return to Ash questline, and the helm may be obtained by defeating them at the conclusion of City of Ash II. The pauldron is sold by Glirion the Redbeard at the Undaunted Enclaves inside the City of Ash Coffer. Skoria is named after scoria, a form of volcanic rock.

One of the Valkyn Skoria set’s items boosts spell penetration by 34-1487, while combining the two provides the player a strong new ability: If you strike an enemy with a damage-over-time attack, you have a slight chance of summoning a meteor that delivers significant damage to them.

Iceheart: A Magical Ice Barrier And An Increased Spell Crit Chance

Drodda of Icereach drops the Iceheart helm in Direfrost Keep (one of the game’s more scary yet gorgeous locales). She is the monster of Nobles’ Rest, a mission in which the player must put a stop to her reign.

The pauldron may be found within the Frigid Crucible Coffer, which Glirion the Redbeard sells for 5 Undaunted Keys at the Undaunted Enclaves.

Equipping one of the items increases the player’s spell crit chance by 15-657 percent, and both things offer a magical ice shield that defends you and harms opponents when you strike a critical hit.

Grundwulf: Increase Crit Chance And Restore Your Attributes

The strong Grundwulf Helm is worn by the same-named Nord warrior, and you must murder him to obtain it.

Grundwulf is a component of the quest The Sanguine Successor and can be found in Moongrave Fane.

In the Undaunted Enclaves, Urgarlag Chief-bane sells the pauldron in the Scalebreaker Coffer.

When both pieces are employed, a successful critical strike restores either the player’s Magicka or Stamina, depending on their major attribute.

Maw Of The Infernal: Summon A Daedroth Friend Alongside A Magic Boost

The nameake of the Maw of the Infernal set is a large Daedroth monster encountered in Banished Cells II, but don’t expect it to drop this Magicka-boosting relic.

The helm from this set may be discovered in the same area and is dropped by High Kinlord Rilis as part of the quest The Plan.

The pauldron may be found in the Banished Cells Coffer, which is sold at the Undaunted Enclaves by Maj al-Ragath.

When a player equips one of the pieces, their total Magicka is increased by 25-1096. When these artifacts are combined, you will be able to call a mighty Daedroth to battle with you.

Zaan: Extra Crit Chance And A Unique Ability For Spellcasters

When coupled together, the Zaan set is a popular choice for Magicka users due to its spell crit bonus and unique special ability. The helmet is dropped by a Dragon Priest named Zaan the Scalecaller and mimics the strong Dragon Priest masks from Skyrim (where Destruction magic is common). Zaan appears in the mission Plans of Pestilence, in which players must prevent her from spreading a terrible epidemic over the globe.

The shoulder piece may be discovered in the Undaunted Enclaves, in Urgarlag Chief-Dragon bane’s Bones Coffer, for 5 Undaunted Keys.

One piece from this set increases spell crit probability by 15-657 percent, and when combined, they provide the player a devastating ability: the ability to generate a burst of fire that delivers 378 fire damage to your opponent for 6 seconds, growing exponentially.

Slimecraw: Straightforward Crit Chance And Damage Increase

Slimecraw is a popular set because to its high crit chance enhancement and, when combined, modest damage increase.

While this helmet and pauldron are based on the same-named crocodile miniboss in Wayrest Sewers I, the creature drops neither.

The helmet may be obtained from a neighboring bandit named Allene Pellingare, who is part of the tasks Deception in the Dark and No Second Chances.

The shoulder may be obtained from Undaunted Pledgemaster Maj al-Ragath, either directly or through her Wayrest Sewers Coffer.

When one of these items is equipped, it increases the crit chance by 17-771, and when both are equipped, it increases the damage from Minor Berserk by 5%.

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