List of Foam Product Manufacturers in Uganda

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List of Foam Products Manufacturers in Uganda. A mattress is a large, usually rectangular pad for supporting a lying person.

It is designed to be used as a bed, or on a bed frame as part of a bed. Mattresses may consist of a quilted or similarly fastened case, usually of heavy cloth, containing materials such as hair, straw, cotton, foam rubber, or a framework of metal springs. Mattresses may also be filled with air or water.

Mattresses are usually placed on top of a bed base which may be solid, as in the case of a platform bed, or elastic, such as an upholstered wood and wire box spring or a slatted foundation.

Popular in Europe, a divan incorporates both mattress and foundation in a single upholstered, footed unit. Divans have at least one innerspring layer as well as cushioning materials.

They may be supplied with a secondary mattress or a removable “topper”. Mattresses may also be filled with air or water, or a variety of natural fibers, such as in futons. Kapok is a common mattress material in Southeast Asia, and coir in South Asia.

Who Are The Foam And Its Products Manufacturers or suppliers In Uganda?

1. Euroflex Ltd.

Euroflex Limited was founded in 2001 in Kampala, Uganda. Today, Euroflex is the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of various kinds of Foam MattressesSpring MattressesPillowsCushions Foam Sheets in Uganda.

M514 Jinja Road Kyambogo 25647,Kampala Kampala

Euroflex Limited
Plot No 1184, Kinawataka Road , Kireka, Kampala
P.O Box 25647 Kampala, Uganda

Tel : 0757 286 103/4

041-4286104, 041-4285139, 031-2261260

Euroflex Showroom
Kyambogo, Jinja Road Kampala

Tel : 0757 0887 008

Call Toll Free
0800 386 000

0707 600 567

2. Vitafoam (U) Ltd.

The origins of the company can be traced to 1975, when Uganda Industrial Properties Ltd., a holding company, forged an alliance with M/s Vita PLC of UK to form Vitafoam (Uganda) Limited.

The company has since been re-christened as Vitafoam (2015) Ltd. Foam Products Manufacturers in Uganda

Vitafoam quickly rose to establish a premier position among foam mattresses and became a byword for quality.

The Vitafoam mattress range features-

  • The ‘Silver’ brand, which is of density 20 kgs/cubic meter, is distinguished by alternating blue, white and green stripes. The green is sometimes substituted by other colours, but the blue and white stripes are recurrent.
  • The ‘Gold’ mark has a density of 22 kgs/cubic meter. This brand will always have the red/white/blue stripes, which though a registered trade mark is often counterfeited.
  • The ‘Orthopedic’ (or re-bonded mattress) is characterized by its high density and firm surface. We are proud to declare that this class is often recommended by doctors because of its qualities and therapeutic value.

Meticulously engineered for supreme comfort, our mattresses and pillows harmonise to ‘comfort your dreams’. Little wonder then that ‘Vitafoam’ products are highly sought after.

We also make baby cots, foam sheets and an assortment of other foam products.2826,Kampala Kampala


Phone: +256 704 792 648

Working Hours

  • MONDAY:8am to 5pm
  • TUESDAY:8am to 5pm
  • WEDNESDAY:8am to 5pm
  • THURSDAY:8am to 5pm
  • FRIDAY:8am to 5pm
  • SATURDAY :9am to 2pm
  • SUNDAY:Closed

3. Tuf Foam Uganda Ltd

336 Bombo Road Kawempe – Opp. Shell Petrol Station 21962,Kampala KampalaPlot 336 / P.O. BOX 21962 Bombo Rd, Kampala, UgandaPHONE NUMBER +256 41 4566815FAX +256 41 4566815

041-4566816, 041-4566711

4. Megha Industries (U) Ltd.

Megha Industries is a jack of all trades and a master of all. Megha industries stands for quality and is a brand leader in various industries such as; Royal foam which is the largest foam mattress manufacturer in East and Central Africa, Jambo Automart Ltd being the largest car bond in Uganda and Namubiru Stone quarry- another largest of its kind in Uganda.

Other reputable companies under Megha Industries are; Royal kitchens and furniture, Royal Steel, The Best Western Premier Garden Hotel and Victoria Mall in Entebbe. The Megha group of companies employs approximately 1,000 workers directly and 5,000 people indirectly.Address: P.O. Box 30184 Megha Complex , Plot 39 Kyambogo Road, Kyambogo- Kampala P. o. Box 30814 Kampala, Uganda

Phone: 256 414 286 285/6/7

Mobile : +256 759 784 700

Fax: 256 414 220 384



MON – FRI : 8:30am – 6:00pm
SATURDAY : 8:30am – 5:00pm
MON – FRI : 8:30am – 5:00pm
SATURDAY : 8:30am – 3:30pm
SUNDAY : 10:00am – 2:00pm

5. Royikems Industries Ltd (RIL)

Royikems Industries Ltd (RIL) is a Ugandan reputed company which started its journey on 25th  November 2013. RIL is engaged in manufacturing and exporting of a comprehensive range of Products including Mattresses and disposable plastic products in Uganda and many parts of Africa. We have earned reputation to maintain a well defined quality control policy as per international standards of manufacturing and are certified by ISO 9001:2015. The Manufacturer of high Quality Mattresses and Plastic products


Since the founding of Royikems Industries Ltd in 2013, Rosefoam, has grown to be a premier brand of mattresses known for high quality, durability and unmatched comfort. It has become one of the most coveted  mattress brands in Uganda . In recent years, we have opened new markets in Burundi, Rwanda, DRC, South Sudan and we continue to penetrate more markets in Africa.

Royikems Industries Ltd (RIL) Head Office Contacts

P.O Box 30311,Kampala, Mbalala Industrial Area,Mukono Jinja Road

Phone: +256200907181 / +256392002545

6. Crest Foam Ltd.

M464 Ntinda Road Ntinda Industrial Area 6475,Kampala Kampala

041-4222807, 041-4285959Sales: +256 759 817 847Office: +256 39 2722810 / +256 39 3266807Email: / Plot M464 Ntinda Road, Ntinda Industrial Area, Kampala, Uganda.

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