Is Arbonne A Scam? 10 Things You Should Know Before Joining!

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What Is Arbonne MLM?

It’s another of those MLM (aka Network Marketing) programs whose major goal is to sign you up, buy a product kit, and then get you to sign up your friends, family, and coworkers to do the same.

To be honest, it’s advocated by many high-level MLM members who make the majority of their money in the scheme by recruiting others to join.

It’s meant to teach you how to be a great “Network Marketer,” yet most members make very little money advertising their products.

That is the truth…

You’re not going to get rich off a 25-30% fee on overpriced Shakes, Shampoo, and Body Lotions.

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Now, I want to be absolutely honest here, so…

Arbonne does provide some really useful advice on how to make money online and earn excellent commission checks…

However, it is in in need of an update…

Finally, I’ll answer some of the most common questions about Arbonne and network marketing in general.

Most importantly, I’ll teach you the same strategy I utilized to grow my own internet marketing business to over $40,000 in primarily passive revenue every month.

This approach convinced me to abandon Network Marketing for good, because it employs some of the same talents but in a far more effective and profitable manner!

But we’ll get to that later.

For the time being, let’s get into all things Arbonne!

 1. Arbonne MLM Is Worth It?

Could you be interested in Arbonne’s products or the MLM company’s business opportunity?

The theme for today will be Arbonne International, LLC.

We’ll examine Arbonne to see whether it truly is the greatest multi-level marketing scheme around.

We’ll discuss if MLM is the best online business for you.

Finally, I’ll answer some of the most common questions about Arbonne and multi-level marketing in general.

2. MLM Review: What Is Arbonne?

Arbonne International, LLC is a multi-level marketing corporation created in Switzerland in 1975 by Norwegian entrepreneur Petter Mrck and transferred to the United States in 1980.

It develops personal care, health, and beauty products based on cutting-edge technology and research. Vegan-certified, the company’s personal care and nutrition products adhere to a stringent Purity and Safety Ingredient Policy.

Arbonne products are offered through a large network of Independent Consultants in the United States, Canada, Australia, Poland, New Zealand, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom, as well as through Arbonne is a privately held company headquartered in Irvine, California.

3. Arbonne Company History: How It All Started

Petter Mrck began his career in the Norwegian cosmetics sector in 1965. After realizing that the substances employed in the company he worked for were damaging to the skin, he relocated to Arbon, Switzerland, to start on his own skincare line with Pierre Bottiglieri, a Laboratoires Cosmetiques Arval employee, in 1975.

According to the Arbonne tale, Bottiglieri and Mrck worked to design a range of goods that did not include any petroleum or animal components.

According to another version of their narrative, Mrck obtained the formulations from Laboratoires Cosmetiques Arval, which specialized in rebranding formulas.

Mrck remained an active member of the company until his death in 2008. His son, Stian Mrck, is Arbon’s current Vice President of Brand Ambassadors.

Rita Davenport was the company’s first President from 1991 to 2011.

Arbonne became a subsidiary of Levlad, Inc. in the year 2004, which became the major manufacturer of Arbonne goods.

In 2005, Harvest Partners purchased both firms and dubbed the new acquisition Natural Products Group, LLC.

In February 2018, Natural Products Group decided to sell Arbonne and Nature’s Gate to Groupe Rocher.

They claim to have approximately 320,000 Consultants selling their products all over the world as of 2017.

4. Arbonne Business Practices

Arbonne is proud to be a B Corporation.

The B Corporation “social and environmental performance” accreditation is a private certification for for-profit companies that is distinct from the legal classification of a Benefit Corporation.

B Corp accreditation is conferred by B Lab, a worldwide nonprofit organization having offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, as well as a cooperation in Latin America with Sistema B.

Arbonne, on the other hand, offers “Green Will Call” shipment. Orders are put in recyclable cloth bags rather than boxes, and they may be picked up at either the Irvine Will Call Center or the Indiana Will Call Center.

5. Arbonne Social Media Selling

Arbonne, one of the world’s largest nutrition and cosmetics firms, needed to harness the power of social media to boost the effectiveness of its 300,000+ independent consultants.

The business gathered its most elite members to work on personal branding, original content, and coordinated marketing techniques that improved individual leads and integrated intelligence with a new customer relationship management system, all while cutting through social media noise.

The organization extracted social media data at the individual consultant level to assess the genuine efficacy of each consultant’s social performance.

They were able to personalize social strategy for each individual and across teams using their bespoke platform with minimum input from sales teams and interference in day-to-day activity.

Using basic code, the organization estimated total reach, engagement, and supporting audience data and bundled it into easy commands that a consultant could utilize right away.

“S4DC Social Media Performance Predictor (SMPP) Custom Tool”

The S4DC SMPP begins with a basic social data collecting module that utilizes the Facebook Graph API and Pages.

This data is subsequently uploaded to a cloud-based module, where it may be accessed in real time. Using this internally shared module, they calculate insights in a graphical way.

The data is then exported to a user-friendly dashboard to aid with marketing, technology, sales, operations, and financial choices.

Across Arbonne’s top 25 rivals, over 1 million social media interactions were examined. They developed weekly reports for their senior sales team based on these results.

As a result, Arbonne gained actionable best practices for their specific market position, which they were able to pass on to each individual consultant.

They were able to collaborate with each consultant to develop individual branding statements that supported the company objective.

6. Are Arbonne Ingredients Safe?

You’ll note in Arbonne reviews that some customers complain about adverse effects. These negative effects are produced by the formula components, not by the items themselves.

For example, glucomannan, which is a fiber, can produce gas and bloating. Any significant adverse response might signal an issue, so get medical attention if you believe you are experiencing one.

According to a research published in the Journal of Obesity, “glucomannan supplements (3.99 g daily) were well tolerated.” Given the expanding obesity epidemic, further research is needed to investigate the safety and efficacy of this commonly used alternative weight loss strategy.”

7. Is Arbonne Involved In Any Controversies Or Scandals?


An story in The Virginian-Pilot in 2006 expressed concerns regarding AIRD’s lack of its own facilities, as well as the likelihood that scientist Pierre Bottiglieri had previously worked for firms other than Arbonne.


Arbonne voluntarily recalled several manufacturing batches of branded peanut butter cups in January 2009. This was related to Salmonella serotype Typhimurium infection in peanut-based goods delivered from a Georgia processing facility.

Due to the potential of contamination with Pseudomonas aeruginosa germs, the business voluntarily recalled a production lot of branded foamy sea salt scrub products in September 2009.

According to Health Canada, Arbonne voluntarily recalled one batch of branded face moisturizer products for males in January 2013. According to Arbonne’s tests, Aerococcus viridans was discovered in the goods.

Arbonne voluntarily recalled several batches of branded liquid eyeliner items in June 2016. At the products, the microorganisms Staphylococcus saprophyticus, Staphylococcus xylosus, and Staphylococcus lentus were identified in unacceptable amounts.

The ACCC recalled one lot of branded body wash products in October 2017 owing to hazardous levels of Staphylococcus cohnii.


The United States District Court for the Southern District of Indiana found Arbonne International LLC in violation of federal law in November 2009. Lisa Wilson was denied employment due to her handicap (deafness).

Arbonne agreed to pay Wilson a $30,000 compensation and to put anti-discrimination rules and training in place.

Cynthia and Michael Dagnall filed a case against Arbonne in Orange County Superior Court in May 2017.

They alleged the business was a pyramid scam. The Arbonne Pyramid Scheme Class Action Lawsuit was dismissed on March 20, 2018.

8. How Many Arbonne Consultants Are There Worldwide?

In 2005, there were 434,000 consultants, while in 2006, there were 612,000.

Between 2007 and 2009, the number of consultants at the organization plummeted from 1.3 million to less than 800,000 people.

According to a blog post authored by a nutritionist freelance writer in 2019, there are over 250,000 Arbonne Consultants globally.

9. What Products Does Arbonne Sell?

Arbonne products are divided into six categories:

  1. Nutrition
  2. Skincare
  3. Makeup
  4. Body Care
  5. Hair (Shampoo, Conditioner…)
  6. Accessories (Makeup Brushes…)

10. How Does An Arbonne Consultant Make Money?

Arbonne Consultants do not get paid to recruit or promote other Arbonne Consultants. They only get paid when things are sold:

  • Commissions
  • Overrides
  • Awards

Can You Really Make Money With Arbonne?

You certainly can…

However, there are several aspects of Network Marketing that many individuals struggle with.

Don’t get me wrong…

You can absolutely make money with Network Marketing, but if you’re going to put in the effort to learn the ropes (which, believe me, isn’t simple), you may as well make some REAL money while you’re doing it.

What Do I Need To Do To Join Arbonne?

Become a Preferred Client of Arbonne
When you join Arbonne as a Preferred Client, your $29 initiation fee entitles you to unique bargains and exclusive offers on Arbonne products.

Become an Arbonne Independent Consultant by filling out the form below.
The registration price is $49. The cost of annual renewal is $29.

Arbonne Success Stories

For the first time in 19 years, I weighed under 200 pounds! And it’s still going!!

-Json Marruffo

I feel better than I have in years in just a few weeks!! I’ve dropped 13 pounds, and my mood and anxiety have both improved! My mind is clearer, and I have a lot more energy! It’s been incredible and not as difficult as I anticipated. This week marks the beginning of a new month for me!

-Pamela McFadden

The meals are a hit with the kids! I’ve lost ten pounds! No more acid reflux or joint pain!

-Anette Bond

Is Arbonne A Scam?

Arbonne is not a scam.

It sells genuine goods that customers wish to purchase.

It also pays commissions for any items that consultants sell, as well as bonuses for recruiting other consultants into the MLM firm.

Even if a “work from home” option is legitimate, it may not be good for you. The remainder of this Arbonne review will assist you in determining whether or not this opportunity is suited for you.

To be completely honest with you, I am not a distributor and do not support Arbonne in any manner.

I looked at the website, testimonials, and material on the Internet to figure out exactly what this software performs.

This is because I’ve been burned before by similar applications, and I’d like to avoid others from making the same mistakes.

Is Arbonne a pyramid scheme?

Arbonne isn’t a pyramid scheme, so don’t be fooled.

It is possible for consultants to earn money by selling Arbonne’s products.

But here’s the secret…

You can only make a lot of money if you hire more people to work for you.

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