How to Reboot Snapchat

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Is your Snapchat app crashing and not working, so you are wondering how to reboot it?

When you try to get into the Snapchat app, but you find out that it’s crashing or there are some functionalities that aren’t working fine.

This means the app has an issue, or its cache is full, and you need to clear it.

The best thing about Snapchat is that the app can save you a lot of photos, chats, memories, and much more.

But what if you can’t access all of those because the app is lagging or crashing?

Snapchat app on both iPhone and Android has a cache on its settings.

You can clear the cache by navigating to the settings page and clearing the cache.

However, if you can’t access the app there are other ways that you can apply.

So today I will teach you how to reboot the Snapchat app.

How to Reboot Snapchat

To reboot Snapchat, first, try to open the app, then navigate to the settings page and open the Cache page to clear it.

If you can’t access the Snapchat app, you need to uninstall then reinstall it on iPhone, and clear the app cache on Android.

By uninstalling and reinstalling the app on your iPhone, you will have already been cleared the cache of Snapchat.

Now by clearing the Snapchat app cache on your Android settings, the app will reboot.

However, you can clear the cache directly from Snapchat if you can access it.

1.Open your Snapchat app

Open the Snapchat app

Try to get access to your Snapchat app by opening it.

If the app is crashing or lagging, this means you have to uninstall and reinstall the app on your iPhone, and clear the cache on the settings page if you have an Android.

To clear the cache on Android, you need to go to “Settings>Apps>Snapchat>Storage>Clear Cache”.

You will notice quickly after clearing the cache if the app is working fine or still having the issue.

However, in our case, I will show you how to clear the Snapchat cache and reboot it from the app settings itself.

2.Go to the Settings page

Navigate to the settings page

When you open the Snapchat app, navigate to the settings page.

To navigate to the settings page tap on the “Chat” icon to open the chat page.

When the chat page opens, tap on the gear icon at the top right of the screen.

The Settings page will then open, so you can scroll down to find the cache menu.

3.Clear the Cache

Clear the Snapchat app cache to reboot it

Now that you’ve opened the Snapchat settings page, you need to scroll down until you find the “Clear Cache” option.

When you scroll down to the end of the page you will find it there.

After finding it, tap on it to clear the Snapchat app cache and reboot the app.

When you tap on the “Clear Cache” option, you will see a popup.

On that popup, tap on “Clear” to fully clear the cache.

4.Reboot the Snapchat app

Close the app to reopen it

After clearing the cache, Snapchat will let you know that you need to restart the app.

Tap on “Okay”, then stop the app from running.

To stop the app from running, you need to open the running apps that are on the background.

When you do so, swipe up the Snapchat app to close it, so it will reboot.

This method works on both Android and iPhone as well.

So this is how you reboot your Snapchat app.

5.Uninstall then reinstall the app

Uninstall Snapchat on iPhone

If despite clearing the Snapchat cache the app doesn’t work, you need to uninstall and reinstall the Snapchat app.

However, if doing so doesn’t make any sense, you will have to restart your phone.

When you restart your phone, the memory and the CPU will be cleared, hence you will be able to use the app.

Now when you try the methods above and still nothing works, then it’s better to check the DownDetector website to get the latest server news.

Therefore, you need to contact Snapchat Support to declare your issue.

What Does Clear Cache Do on Snapchat

Clear the Snapchat cache on Android to reboot the app

The Snapchat cache is a temporal memory where the app holds your last activities and data to run faster and more efficiently.

It usually allows your app to exchange data much faster to serve you better while opening stories or chatting, so they will be preloaded already.

Clearing the cache will only clear the locally stored data and memories to free up some space on your phone.

When you clear the cache, your Snapchat data will not get deleted from your device.

Instead, clearing the cache will reboot your Snapchat app and reset the errors if you have any.


You can reboot your Snapchat app anytime when you see that it’s taking too long to respond.

Some users like to refresh their Quick Add list, so by clearing the cache the Quick Add will be refreshed.

When you decide to clear your Snapchat cache and reboot the app, you can either do it from the Snapchat app directly which is the easiest way.

However, your app may be crashing or lagging.

If this is your case, you need to uninstall then reinstall the app on iPhone or Clear the app cache from the device settings on Android.

So today you’ve learned how to reboot your Snapchat app in 5 easy steps.

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