How To Make Someone Your #1 Best Friend on Snapchat Quickly

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The interesting part about Snapchat is maintaining the friends’ emojis, it’s a way to classify users on the app, so you may wonder how to make someone your #1 best friend quickly.

The fact that Snapchat has as a famous app, is that it has a lot of features including the best friends emojis that make it one of the most used social media apps.

One of these important elements that Snapchat relies on to maintain its users is the friends’ emojis, especially the Streak.

The emojis on Snapchat have a special formula to get them.

If you understand that formula, you’ll be able to get all the best friends emojis easily.

To make someone your best friend quickly you need to send them a lot of snaps.

After chatting a lot and sending snaps, you will get the yellow heart emoji.

The yellow heart emoji stands for the #1 best friend on Snapchat.

However, there are a lot more emojis that you need to know about while trying to get them.

So today I will teach you how to make someone your #1 best friend on Snapchat quickly.

How To Make Someone Your #1 Best Friend on Snapchat Quickly

To make someone your #1 best friend on Snapchat quickly, you need to send a lot of snaps, and chat a lot for more than 24 hours with your target friend.

After sending snaps and chatting together, you will get a yellow heart.

The yellow heart means that your friends are now your #1 best friends among the others.

It takes 3 days on average to get the yellow heart emoji on Snapchat.

Yet there is a trick you can follow to get the yellow heart quickly and in less time.

The trick is to send a lot of snaps to the same person constantly, in a loop of 24 hours.

Keep in mind that in order to become the best friend of someone, you need to communicate with each other.

And you can be a best friend with a maximum of 6 users.

1.Chat a lot for a couple of hours

Chat a with friend on Snapchat

When you chat with your friend for multiple hours on Snapchat you will notice eventually some emojis that appear near their name.

These emojis are called best friends emojis.

The best friends emojis only show up near the friends that you chat with them the most and send snaps to.

By chatting continuously with your friend you will be able to get the yellow heart.

This means they will become your #1 best friend on Snapchat quickly.

However, keep in mind that you need to chat a lot together for at least 1 to 2 hours and for a couple of days to get the yellow heart, which is the #1 best friend emoji.

2.Send multiple snaps to each other

Send multiple snaps to someone to make them #1 best friends quickly

Snaps are one of the crucial fundamentals that Snapchat was created for, so you need to send a lot of snaps to make someone your #1 best friend.

On the Snapchat algorithm, Snaps are also calculated as a factor of increasing your snap score and getting the best friends emojis.

So when you send a lot of snaps to someone, you will be able to get the emojis.

There is a trick you can follow to get the emojis faster, which is sending a lot of snaps at once.

After doing so, you will get the best friend emojis within the 1st couple of hours.

You can send multiple snaps on Snapchat by going to the camera page.

When you open the camera page tap on the “Two Cards” icon that is on the right options menu to activate the multiple snaps capture.

Then take multiple snaps by tapping on the capture button.

You can take up to 8 snaps including videos and photos on Android and 10 snaps on iPhone.

After taking them, tap on “Edit & Send”, then tap on “Send To” on the new page and send them to your friend at the time.

3.Arrange a video or voice call

Call a friend on Snapchat

One of the methods to accelerate the process to make someone your #1 best friend on Snapchat is to arrange a video or voice call.

Calling your friend will push the Snapchat algorithm to understand that you are both close to each other.

So try to maintain the relationship between you and your friend to get the emojis.

You can call them by opening the chat and tapping on the “Phone” icon for a voice call or the “Camera” icon for a video call depending on the type of call that you want to make.

4.Get the Yellow Heart

Get the yellow heart on Snapchat to make someone your #1 best friend

Now that you’ve chatted, snapped, and called your friend, you will have most likely boosted the Snapchat algorithm to give you the yellow heart emoji.

Getting the yellow heart emoji means that you’ve opened the road to the streak emoji.

However, getting the yellow heart is enough if you only want to make someone your best friend on Snapchat quickly.

It comes as a sequence of interacting with your friend in 48 hours constantly.

5.Maintain a Snap Streak

Maintain the Snap streak

The Snapchat streak is the fire emoji that appears near your friend’s name after chatting for 3 consecutive days.

It’s also called a Snap Streak.

After getting the Yellow heart, you will get the Snap Streak directly once you reach the 3 days.

The Snap Streak will disappear after you stop sending snaps to your friend for 24 hours.

So this is another way to maintain the friendship between you and your best friend on Snapchat.

It will also help you to keep the yellow heart if you lost the streak.


The emojis on Snapchat are a fair explanation of your virtual relationship with your friends, perhaps it could be a real relationship.

So the only way to make someone your #1 best friend on Snapchat quickly is to chat and snap them a lot.

Just keep in mind that if you stop talking with your friend after getting the emoji, it will eventually disappear from your chat.

In addition to that, it may disappear if you chat with someone more than your target friend.

So today you’ve learned how to make someone your #1 best friend on Snapchat Quickly.

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