How To Hide Highlights on Instagram

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Do you want to know how to hide highlights on your Instagram account?

Instagram’s highlights are an alternative version of the normal stories that users post on their profiles.

They are one of the most used types of stories nowadays, as it’s helpful to keep your stories stick on Instagram without disappearing after 24 hours.

You can only hide highlights on Instagram from specific users.

However, if you want to hide them from everyone except your followers, you need to make your Instagram account private.

So today I will teach you how to hide highlights on your Instagram.

How To Hide Highlights on Instagram

To hide highlights on your Instagram profile, go to your Instagram privacy settings page, then tap on a story to edit the story settings and select specific people.

On the privacy settings page, you can select the users for whom you want to hide your story from.

You can also select the close friends that you want them to see your story only.

Keep in mind that hiding the story will affect both the highlights and the normal stories, yet, selecting your close friends will only affect the normal stories.

If your Instagram account is already private, the settings will apply to your actual friends or followers.

1.Create a new highlight

Create a new highlight on Instagram

Start by opening your Instagram account, and making a new highlight.

You can skip this step if you already have stories highlights on Instagram.

To make a new highlight, you need to open your Instagram profile page, then tap on “Story Highlights”.

When you tap on the Story Highlights a new popup will show up.

On that popup tap on the “+” button to navigate to the stories page.

After the stories’ page opens, you can select the desired story then tap on “Next” to create a new highlight.

If you want to highlight a new story that you’ve posted already, open the story then tap on the Highlight, “Heart” icon.

2.Navigate to the Instagram Privacy Settings

Naviagte to the Privacy page

Now that you’ve highlighted the story, you need to go to the Settings page to edit your privacy settings.

To do so, on your profile page tap on the “Three Lines” icon at the top right corner.

Then tap “Settings” in the new popup to open the settings page.

When the Settings page opens, you need to tap on the “Privacy” option.

On the Privacy page, you’ll see a lot of options including the “Story” option.

As you are concentrating on hiding your highlights, you need to use the Story option.

3.Modify the story settings

Modify the story settings to hide highlights on Instagram

After seeing the “Story” option, tap on it.

This will take you to a new page where you will be able to select your close friends and hide the others from seeing your stories’ highlights on Instagram.

On the “Hide story from” menu, tap on the “People” option.

When you tap on the “People” option, you need to select users to hide the highlights from.

Keep in mind that selecting “Close Friends” will just get applied to your Instagram normal stories.

This means that you can’t select close friends to see highlighted stories.

4.Hide the highlights from specific people on your Instagram

When you tap on the “People” option, you will be navigated to a new page.

So you need to start selecting people on that page.

To start adding people, tap on the “Search Box” and tap any account username.

When the desired account shows up, simply tap on it to add it to the “Hide Story from” list.

If you want to remove someone from the list, tap on their name again to remove the blue check button.

Keep in mind that if your Instagram account is private you can only add people from your followers.

However, if your account is public, you can add any Instagram account to hide your highlights from.

When you finish adding people you can get back to the Story page to apply changes.

5.Make your account private by choice

Make the account private

If your Instagram account is public, you need to make it private if you want to hide highlights from everyone except your followers.

If your account is still public, everyone will be able to see your highlights including your followers.

So the solution is to make your account private.

To make your Instagram private, simply open the settings page.

When you are on the Settings, tap on “Privacy”.

On the new page, you need to switch the “Private Account” toggle ON.

Then your Instagram account will become private.

Can You Archive Highlights on Instagram

Archiving the highlights

Yes, it’s possible to archive your highlights on Instagram automatically after posting them.

If the Save story is not enabled on your Instagram, your old highlights will not be archived.

To archive, your highlights on Instagram, go to the Settings page, then tap on Privacy.

When the privacy page opens, tap on “Story” to open the story settings page.

Next, tap on “Save story to archive” on the story settings page.

Then your Stories will start archiving on your Instagram archives.

How Many Highlights Can You Have On Instagram

The ideal number of photos and videos that can be included in the highlights are 100, yet, you can add an unlimited number of highlights if you want to.

You can post a story on your Instagram, then highlight it directly from the stories.

If you enable the auto archive option which is the “Save story to archive” option, you will be able to see them on the Archives.

This will help you if you decide one day to repost them on your stories or highlight them again.


When you decide to hide your Instagram highlights, you need to do it by the “Hide story from” menu in the story page.

If you want to pick close friends to see your highlights, other users will be able to see them also.

Hence, it’s better to use the close friends option for the general stories only.

So keep in mind to make your account private if you want to make an exception for your followers, so only they can see your highlights.

Today you’ve learned how to hide highlights on Instagram.

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