How to Contact Steam Support

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When you are trying to log in to your steam and got a connection issue, or forgot your password, you will probably need to contact steam support to solve the issue for you.

One of the common issues that Steam users face is the connection to server issue.

However, there are other issues as well, like a hacked and stolen steam account by someone.

So contacting steam support saves you a lot of time and stress.

Now the time to get a reply depends on which method you’ve chosen to contact them.

Today I will show you how to contact Steam support quickly.

How to Contact Steam Support

To contact Steam support log in to your Steam account using the app, and click on “Help” then on the popup click on “Steam Support”.

Yet, if you can’t connect to your Steam app for any reason, you can visit the Steam Support on your browser.

When the Steam support page opens select one of the options menus to open the assistance page.

So on the assistance page, you will see all the possible issues that perhaps you’re facing.

For example, if you select the “My Account” option, you will be redirected to all the issues related to your Steam account.

Then on the issues page, you will get all the helpful answers, so you can pick the most relevant one to your issue.

In our case, we will be considering that we forgot the password of the account, and we don’t have access to the phone number.

Method#1:Throught the SteamPowered website

Using the steam-powered website is the only way to contact the support directly.

So visit that website or log in to your Steam app then click on “Help>Steam Support”.

1.Select the issue

Open the Steam support page

When the support page opens you will see all the issues that you probably encountered on your Steam account.

So select one of the issues that you think you are having now.

However, you have to make sure that you are connected and signed in to your Steam account in order to solve your issue quickly.

Now if you can’t get into your account, or you are having trouble in case it was stolen, you can click on “Help, I can’t sign in” on the Steampowered page.

2.Check the solutions

Select the issue to resolve it

Then a new page will open with a cluster of options that you can select one from.

So you can pick up one of the options that you see to follow the instruction and solve your issue.

In some cases you may get into a page where they ask you for your email, to fill out a form, or to verify your account.

It depends on the issue that you are facing.

3.Contact the Steam Support to solve your issue

Confirm email address to solve the issue with Steam Guard

However, in our case, we will choose the first option which is “I forgot my Steam account name or password”.

So on the new page, you have to add your email address or your phone number.

Then verify the checkbox in the reCAPTCHA and click on “Search” to start the recovery process.

After that, Steam will ask you to recover your account via the Steam Guard app or phone number or your email address.

Now if you don’t have access to any of these, it will be very difficult to recover back your account.

Therefore, you can try other issues menus as well to check the one that has “Contact Support” as an option.

So you can send them a message and tell them about your issue.

Method#2:By Filling out a form for the Steam Support

One of the best ways to contact Steam support is by filling out a form on the support page.

So it’s crucial to be signed in to your Steam account in order to fill out a form for support.

Which comes on the solutions’ page upon your sign-in.

After signing in to your Steam account and start following the process of solving your account issue or any other issue.

You will find out yourself on the last page where you can see “Contact Steam Support” as an option.

So when you click on it, you will get redirected to a page where you have to fill out a form or just send a simple message to the Steam support team to contact them.

Then, they will contact you back after reading your request or checking your form.

In our case, we will take the Steam Guard as an issue just to show you how you can get to the “Contact Steam Support” page.

1.Login to your Steam Account

Login to Steam account to contact the support team easily

First login to your Steam account on your Steam app.

But, if you can’t use the app, log in using instead.

So when you are login and ready to check the issues on the support page go to the next step.

However, on the app, you find the support on “Help>Steam Support”.

2.Click on “My Account”

Select the domain of the issue

On the support page, click on “My Account”.

Then a new page will open with all the issues that you can select from.

So click the “Steam Guard” option.

3.Contact Steam Support about the Steam Guard

Submit a ticket by filling out a form to contact the steam support

After clicking on the steam guard option a new page will open with even more options.

So to contact Steam support click on the “Contact Steam Support” option to navigate to the message page.

After that, you will find an empty field to provide your issue details on.

You can also attach files to provide them as evidence for the support team in order to push them to react and reply to your message quickly.

So you can take a look at the same guard FAQ page to point yourself in the right direction. 

Method#3:Find solutions on the Community Discussion page

Find a solution for the Steam issue on the community page

Using the Steam Community as a source to solve your issues is worth trying, as there are a lot of other users who had the same issue.

So when a question is published on the Steam Community forum by someone, other people will react to it and help the person to solve the issue.

You can see comments from people who had the same issue and how they solved it.

So when you have a problem with steam you can go to the steam forums.

Then search and discussion search box to find a related answer to your issue.

Keep in mind that this is the last solution you can rely on.

However, there are some websites that show a phone number as a steam support number that you can contact which is 425-889-9642.

Moreover, there are other websites that provide you with the steam email address as a contact, which is not evident.

So you can give both external options a try to check what will happen next with your issue.

But the only way to reach with steam is by the SteamPowered website only.

How Long Does It Take for Steam Support to Reply

It takes from 3 to 40 hours for the Steam support to reply to you.

However, if your case type is an unimportant case and needs to be fixed right away, Steam support will understand this and try to solve your issue within 24 hours.

For example, if your account got stolen or hacked the support will react with you in about 24 hours.

How Long Does Steam Support Take To Recover an Account

For the steam account security and Recovery Steam support will react with your case and about 3 to 12 hours.

But you have to complete the instruction completely and properly to explain your issue correctly.

So when the steam support sees your message they will get in touch with you by email. 

How Do I Send a Steam Support Ticket

The Steam support tickets are usually sent from the contact page that you get on the SteamPowered website.

So when you get on the Steam Support page select the issue related to your case.

Then click on “Contact Steam Support” to submit a ticket to the support team.


Steam support helps you to resolve your issues more quickly by visiting that official website.

However, there are phone numbers and emails related to Steam that you may see on the internet and seems to resolve your issue, but they didn’t.

So the only ways to contact Steam support is by visiting, the community discussion page, or by filling out a form.

But to get the most out of the support team, it’s important to be signed in, to see the “Contact Steam Support”.

Today you’ve learned how to contact the Steam support 

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