How to Back up Your Camera Roll On Snapchat

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If you have images or videos on your device and want to keep them safe, you may wonder how to back up these media from your camera roll on Snapchat.

To back up your camera roll on Snapchat, you should have been given Snapchat access to your device’s Camera Roll.

Sometimes you will notice that Snapchat isn’t backing up your data or media.

This can be due to multiple circumstances, and one of them is that Snapchat doesn’t have access to your data.

So there is a way to fix this issue and do the backup easily.

Today, I will teach you how to back up your Camera Roll on Snapchat.

How to Back up Your Camera Roll On Snapchat

To back up your Camera Roll on Snapchat, navigate to your Snapchat “Memories” settings page, then enable the “Save Button” on the Camera Roll.

Once you enable the Save Button, you can enable also the Auto-Save.

This will prevent you from losing your favorite media in the future.

However, you can’t do all the steps above if you still haven’t given Snapchat access to your Camera Roll.

1.Open your Snapchat Settings

Open the Snapchat Settings

Firstly, you need to navigate to your Snapchat settings to enable the Save Button.

So open your Snapchat app, then open your profile page by tapping on your profile picture at the top left of the screen.

After opening your profile page, tap on the “Gear” icon at the top right.

When you tap on the Gear icon, you will get into the Snapchat Settings page.

2.Navigate to memories

Now that you’ve opened the Settings page, you need to save your camera roll images.

To start the saving process, navigate to the Memories page.

On the Settings page scroll down until you find the Memories option and tap on it.

After opening the Memories page, you will see two menus which are “Storage, Save Destinations”.

These two options are available for both iPhone and Android users.

However, for the iPhone’s users, in addition to the first two menus, you will see a 3rd menu that is called “Feature”.

3.Enable the “Save Button” and “Auto-Save”

Enable the Save buttons to backup the Camera Roll on Snapchat

When you are on the “Memories” page, you need to concentrate on the “Save Destinations” menu, as you want to save your camera roll on Snapchat.

On the Save Destination menu, tap on “Save Button”, then tap “Camera Roll Only” to be able to save your videos and images from it.

Now that you’ve selected the Camera Roll option, go back to the Save Destination page.

After going back, you can optionally tap on the “Auto-Save My Story Snaps”.

By enabling the Auto-Save, all your future snaps will be saved automatically on the Camera Roll of Snapchat.

4.Open the Camera Roll page

Open the Camera Roll page

After finishing with the Save Button and the Auto-Save, you need to open the Camera Roll page.

To do so, tap on the “Camera” icon to create a new snap, then tap on the “Two Cards” icon.

When the new page opens, tap on the “Camera Roll” menu.

Keep in mind that you need to grant your device access to your Camera Roll in order to save your desired media, whether on iPhone or Android.

5.Back up your Camera Roll on Snapchat

Backup some photos from the Camera Roll on Snapchat

Lastly, when you did all the steps above and opened your Camera Roll you need to select the media that you want to save.

To start, tap and hold manually the images or videos that you want to save to select them.

After selecting the media, you have to create a new story to keep and save the media on it.

To create a new story, tap on the “Create” button at the bottom left of the screen.

When you open the Story Create page, enter a new name for your new Story page.

Why Is My Camera Roll Not Backed up by Snapchat

Allow and grant Snapchat access to the Storage on Android

Your camera roll isn’t backed up by Snapchat due to either not giving it access to your phone’s media or having an issue with your app.

To be able to back up your Camera Roll on Snapchat, you need to grant the app access to your device’s camera roll.

So to grant it access to your device’s media, open your device Settings then go to apps, permissions, camera, and tap on “Allow”, this is for android users.

For the iPhone users, open the phone Settings then navigate to the Snapchat settings page, tap on “Photos” then on the new page tap on “All Photos”.

However, it can be an app or server issue, so it’s important to clear the app cache and update it.

You can also check the DownDetector website to get more information.

Why Does Snapchat Take So Much Storage

Snapchat takes so much storage because it caches all the images and videos that you send on the chats.

These cached files could include, your cached snaps list, videos, and images.

If you want to get more space on your device, you need to clear the Snapchat Cache.

You can do it on the app directly by going to the “Settings > Clear Cache”.

Then all your cached files will be deleted, yet, the saved stories and snaps will remain.


When you want to keep your videos and images in a safe place, especially those that you’ve reserved for Snapchat usage, you need to use Snapchat stories.

The method is by enabling the Save button for the Camera Roll on the Settings.

You have to keep in mind to grant the app access to your phone’s gallery or camera roll.

Otherwise, you will end up losing the media without backing it up.

Today, you’ve learned how to back up your Camera Roll on Snapchat.

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