How To Add Random People on Snapchat

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Snapchat is one of the most used social media apps, it’s good to make new friends, so you may wonder how to add random people on your Snapchat app.

Adding random people on Snapchat may provide you with a huge opportunity to find new users, and grow your account quickly.

Hence, you need to find these random users to be able to add them.

However, some users are concerned about getting hacked or scammed.

They think that most of these suspicious activities come from users who add them randomly.

Yet most of the time it’s not the case, but you need to be vigilant while choosing new users.

When you are searching for users to add on your Snapchat, you need to find them either on the Snap Map or by searching them randomly on the Quick Search.

Quick Add is a well-known feature also that will help you to find mutual friends which are considered random.

So today I will teach you how to add random people on Snapchat with 5 easy methods.

How To Add Random People on Snapchat

To add random people on Snapchat, open the Add Friends page and check the “Quick Add” menu, or try to type any name on the “Quick Search”.

You can either add friends by using the Snapchat app directly or by visiting 3rd party websites.

If you are willing to get as many random people as you can you will probably need to use 3rd party websites in addition to the Snapchat app.

1.Add friends using the Quick Add

Find friends on the Quick Add menu

The first thing to start checking is the Quick Add button because you will get a lot of new friends from it.

On the Quick Add menu, you can find all the mutual friends that your friends share with you.

There are also users on the Snap Map.

So you may see phrases below their name, “From your Contacts” or “From the Snap Map”.

To check the Quick Add menu, navigate to the Add Friends page by tapping on the “+ Persons” icon.

When the Add Friends page opens, look at the Quick Add menu.

You can start adding random people to your Snapchat account from that menu.

If you want to get to see more users, tap on the “More” button.

2.Search for random names

Search for random names to find new people on Snapchat

If you are not satisfied with the results of the Quick Add menu, you need to do a random names search on the Quick Search.

On the Add Friends page, you need to tap on the Search Box to start doing the search.

Then start by typing new names like “James”, “Tatiana” and so on.

You can also add a “0” or “1” continuously near each name to get more accounts.

When you type any name you will get a lot of users’ accounts.

For example search for “James”, then “James0”, then “James1”, then “James01”, and so on.

So start adding them by tapping on the “+ Add” 

However, keep in mind that you may need to check your Snapchat settings to see more users.

Because you would have been modified the privacy of the Quick Add elements like syncing the contacts and visibility of your account to others.

If you don’t enable the Quick Add visibility and sync your contacts, you may end up not getting random people to add on Snapchat.

3.Share a story including your Snap Code on the Snap Map

Share a story including the Snap code

Sharing a story on your Snap Map would get you a lot of random people to add on your Snapchat.

When you are visiting a new location you can share your Snap Code on the Snap Map.

Adding your Snap Code on the Snap will boost it to encourage strangers’ in the same location users to add you.

To share a story on the Snap Map, create a new story on the Camera page.

After creating your Snap, tap on the “Sticker” icon to navigate to the stickers page.

When the page opens, tap on your Profile Snap Code, then it will be added to your Snap.

Now that you’ve prepared your snap, tap on “Send To”.

Then on the new page tap on “Snap Map” and share your Snap by tapping on the blue right arrow.

4.Use the “Hoop” app

Use the Hoop app to add random people on Snapchat

Hoop is one of the apps that are available for iPhone and Android users.

Using the Hoop app you’ll be able to find random users to add to your Snapchat.

To download the Hoop app, you can do so by visiting the App Store or Google Play.

When you download the app open it, then tap on the “Log in with Snap” button.

After that, you need to accept the terms of service in the new popup, so tap on “Accept”, and tap on “Open”.

When the Snapchat app opens, tap on “Continue”, then “Continue” again.

Now follow the instructions of the app which are adding your age, gender, and so on.

After finishing, you can start finding new random people and add them on your Snapchat.

5.Find users on

Add random people on Snapchat using the website

This is a third-party website that you can visit from your PC, Android, or iPhone.

When you open this website, you will be able to find new people and add them.

To start using the website, visit it first.

Then you’ll have to add your Snapchat username, age, and gender before you start searching for random people and add them.

After adding them, you need to tap on the “+ Add Me!” to get access to the website.

Therefore, you will see a lot of usernames to copy and add on your Snapchat.

Is Snapchat Quick Add Random?

Yes, the Snapchat Quick Add is random, because despite seeing people from your contact list on the Quick Add, you may also see mutual friends that you don’t know, which are random.

So when you add someone using the Quick Add menu, they may receive the request as a random.

For example, if you receive a friend request from someone you don’t know, it could be that they added you by Search, or from the Quick Add.

This means that they probably found you on the Quick Search, or added you from the Quick Add.

Is It Ok to Add Strangers on Snapchat?

It depends on you, whether you are comfortable receiving a random ad from someone or not.

You just need to make sure that they don’t send you any type of clickable link.

Because links could contain malicious files that could steal your data.

If you receive any link or they try to province you to get any type of sensitive information, you have to step back or report them to Snapchat.

To report someone on Snapchat you need to tap and hold on their names, then tap on “Manage Friendship”.

After that, tap on “Report” and select the type of violation they attempted to do.

So it’s crucial to make sure who you are chatting with when you accept strangers as friends.


Snapchat is an app to make friendships and share fun snaps including pictures and videos.

So if for any reason you are willing to get new friends, you need to start by adding them from the Quick Add and searching for them on the Quick Search.

The other methods are by using the 3rd party apps or adding them from the Snap Map.

However, the Quick Add feature is the easiest and fastest.

But you have to keep in mind to enable your visibility on the Snapchat Quick add and sync your contacts to be able to get new friends.

Today, you’ve learned how to add random people on Snapchat.

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