How To Add a Blank Space for Instagram Highlight

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If you are willing to remove the word highlight from your Instagram profile, then you may be wondering how to add the blank space for your highlight to remove their names.

Highlights are the group of stories that remains on your Instagram profile without disappearing.

You can either create highlight categories by naming each category or simply add a new highlight and put your archived stories on it without naming it.

However, to add a blank space for your Instagram highlight, you need to copy the blank space and paste it on your highlight’s name.

This can be done only by going to a website that has the blank ready to be copied.

You can then remove highlight names on your Instagram profile and paste the copied blank at their place.

So today, I will teach you how to add a blank space for your Instagram highlight.

How To Add Blank Space for Instagram Highlight

To add a blank space for your Instagram highlight, you need to copy the blank space from the Emptycharacter website and paste it on your highlight’s name.

By doing so, you’ll be able to show your highlights without names on them.

However, when you create a highlight, the default name that appears underneath it is “Highlights”.

So you need to edit the highlight to remove the word that is below.

No matter what’s the name or the word that you’ve chosen before, you can remove it.

This can be done by finding a blank space on a 3rd party website outside Instagram, then copying it to paste it on Instagram’s highlight.

1.Open your Instagram profile page

Open Instagram profile

Firstly, open your Instagram profile page.

When you open the profile page, you need to start editing your highlights.

So make sure that each highlight has a name below it.

You will find the word “Highlights” below the highlights that you haven’t given a name yet.

When you remove the word highlights and add the blank space on your Instagram profile, people will see it in a black color if they are on Dark Mode.

However, they will see it in White color if they are on the Normal Mode.

2.Tap on the highlight

Edit the highlight names to remove them on Instagram

After opening your Instagram page and checking the highlights, tap and hold on to the highlight that you want to remove its name.

You can start with any of the highlights.

When you tap on the highlight, a new popup will show up.

On the popup, there are multiple options such as “Edit highlight”, “Delete highlight”, “Send to…”.

As you are focusing on editing the name of the highlight, tap on “Edit highlight.

Then you will be redirected to the edit page, where you can edit the name, and add more stories.

3.Edit the highlight name to remove it

Remove the highlight names to add a blank space at their place

Now that you’ve opened the edit highlight page, you need to remove the name.

To remove the name of the highlight, simply tap on the name box and remove the words.

However, you need to keep that page available to paste the blank space on it.

After that, you need to visit the 3rd party website to copy the blank space because you can’t simply add space from your keyboard.

4.Copy and Paste the blank space

Copy and paste the blank space on the Instagram highlight

When you remove the name, you need to go to the 3rd party website to copy the blank space from, then paste it on the Instagram page.

When you are ready to copy the blank space, visit the Emptycharacter website to do so.

There are other websites as well as editpad, and invisibletext, which have the same principle.

On the website, you need to scroll down until you find the “Copy to clipboard” button for android phones only.

After finding the button, tap on it then the blank space will be copied.

For the iPhones, you need to scroll more down and find the Copy Manually option.

When you find the Copy Manually, tap on the “Select Text”, then tap on “Copy”.

To paste it, go back to the Instagram page, then tap on the highlight name box and paste the blank space there.

Then, tap on the “Done” blue button to apply changes.

But keep in mind that you have to remove the names for each of your highlights.

Why Can’t I Put Highlights on Instagram

Check the Instagram server issue on the DownDetector website

If you can’t put highlights on your Instagram account, this could possibly mean that you’ve exceeded the permissible number of highlights that you can add.

There is also a possibility of having a bug or an issue with the Instagram server.

You need to make sure if the issue occurs after pasting the blank space on the highlights.

However, if you find the issue is represented from a while ago, you need to restart the app.

Restarting the app is the first thing that you have to think about, despite the status of the issue, because this will reset all the app files and nodes.

Now if you find out that nothing has changed, even after restarting the app, then you need to check the DownDetector website.

This will help you to make sure that there is no issue with the Instagram server itself.


Instagram highlights help you to keep the stories without disappearing, so they stick on your profile.

To remove the highlight name on your Instagram you need to copy and paste the blank space.

After you remove the name of each, you will see that the highlight appears on your Instagram profile without names.

However, keep in mind to apply the same method for the rest of your highlights individually.

So today, you’ve learned how to add blank space for your Instagram highlight.

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