How do you respec skills in ESO?

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How do you respec skills in ESO? Any Alliance capital city has a Skills Rededication Shrine where you can reset your skills at any time.

Shrine to Stendarr in Elden Root, Grahtwood, Aldmeri Dominion. Shrine to Auriel, Elden Root Attribute Reset

Deshaan, the Ebonheart Pact’s Shrine to Stuhn located in Mournhold. Shrine to Kyne, Mournhould Attribute Reset

Wayrest, Stormhaven is home to the Daggerfall Covenant: Shrine to Stendarr. Shrine to Akatosh, Wayrest Attribute Reset

Each SP (Skill Point) that you presently have allocated will cost you 50 gold.

You can also choose to reset your Skill Morphs, which will simply reset whatever Morphs you’ve selected earlier.

ESO Respec FAQ’s

What is the minimum level to perform a Skill/Morph reset?

There is no minimum level required to achieve this.

Where I can respec my ESO skills?

See details above for the answer.

Can an ESO respec be purchased from the Crown Store?

Yes, it’s 50g per skill

Does the Skill respec also reset attribute points as well?

You can choose to reset either Skills, Attributes and Morphs.

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