Exotic Car Hacks Review (Pejman Ghadimi) 2022

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Are you looking for Exotic Cars Hacks Review? Are they scam or legit?

With this review, I have compiled all that you need to know about Pejman Ghadimi course.

How much does exotic cars hacks cost? How do you make money flipping exotic cars? and who can benefit from exotic car hacks?

What does Exotic cars hacks teach? Who is Pejman Ghadimi? Whether the claims he makes on his YouTube channel are legit or scam?

All the above are the questions we are going to expound on in this review.

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Exotic Car Hacks Review

What is Exotic Car Hacks?

Exotic Car Hacks is a course offered by Pejman Ghadimi where he claims to show you how to earn a 6-figure income by being a “closer“. The greatest problem of working like “a closer” is that you are working at some’s mercy, your income can always be taken away.

Anyway back to our review, it sounds practically impossible for one to own his or her dream car at unbelievable costs, drive for a given number of years and resell it after one year or two for the same price range.

Exotic car hacks enables you to keep your cash in the bank account while cruising exotic cars.

Exotic car hacks is a digital course that elaborates to everyone interested on how to purchase an exotic car at the lowest prices possible.

It teaches you the tactics and formats to change a luxurious car from being aliability to an asset.

Something I discovered that Exotic Hacks teaches you how to buy a right car taking in mind which exotic cars loose value quickly.

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Who is Pejman Ghadimi?

Pejman Ghadimi is an entrepreneur, author, philosopher and the creator of the Wealth Transfer Methodology.

For the past 20 years, Pejman Ghadimi has set up various businesses like 1-Off Investments which dealt in alternative asset management and a series of online Edu platform enterprises like Secret Entourage, Watch Trading Academy and Exotic Car Hacks.

Pejman Ghadimi companies approximate to $420million dollar Networth since set-up.

He has grown his platform to over 76,000 students across the globe claiming to help his students to create 6,7 and 8 figure income.

To go back in time , He is also an Iranian vocalist and song writer featured in various videos , TV shows especially on Netflix. Pejman Ghadimi is a very intelligent man and has an answer to every question . This helps him in marketing his business.

He is also the CEO of GSM holdings practically he is carrying a variety of business like oil trading for over the past 25 years.

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What Does Exotic Car Hacks Teach?

Exotic Car Hacks is a digital course that takes student through a process of owning luxurious (dream cars) cars at very affordable prices and then selling them after use at approximately the same price.

Upon subscription Pejman Ghadimi provides you with all the tools and resources to advance from your current car to acquiring that luxurious ride in a very short span of time.

What you will learn inside Exotic Car Hacks?

When you join Exotic Car Hacks , you will learn the following:

  1. The best cars that work with their system
  2. Strategies to find your target price and future value
  3. Easiest way to find cars from interested dealers and sellers
  4. Bargaining skills on all platforms that is phone, dealers and private parties.
  5. Setting up your credit so that Banks can offer you loans
  6. Purchasing steps explanation
  7. How to get the perfect deals for maintenance
  8. Incites on how deals operate
  9. Checklist to stay up-to-date with best cars and sellers.

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How Much Does Exotic Car Hacks Cost?

Membership in Exotic Car Hacks goes for $997. This might seem so costly but the good news is that you will have access to Exotic Car Hacks at that price.

Something I liked about Exotic Car Hacks is that you are assured of requesting a refund if you feel the course is not delivering according to your expectations within the first 14days from subscription.

Who Are Exotic Car Hacks For?

Exotic Car Hacks is not for everyone to be sincere, you know the cost of a luxurious car but now who is it for?

It is for anyone with :

  1. Serious passion for cars
  2. Resident of USA
  3. Can afford to pay a minimum of $300
  4. A good credit score of above 650 to help in securing loans
  5. A goal of preserving cash but not gain profits
  6. Annual income of not less than $60,000

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Is Pejman Ghadimi Scam or Legit?

Now, is Pejman Ghadimi Scam or Legit? Is exotic car hacks a scam?

The answer is No. Exotic Car Hacks is not a scam people have actually made money with Pejman Ghadimi’s courses.

But I know why you came to this page , you are looking for a way to attain financial freedom, a a passive income you expect even when you are a sleep that’s why I advise you to checkout my #1 Top Recommendation at the end of this article and thank me later.

Making car sales is a job and I know you are looking for ways of quitting your 9-5 job that is why I suggest for you my Top Recommendation.

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Pros: Things I Liked About Exotic Car Hacks?

This is the summary of the things I liked about Exotic Car Hacks(pros):

  1. Money saving tactics
  2. Active Social Platform like Facebook
  3. Positive feedback from his students
  4. Monthly updates of the course
  5. Business Value addition skills

Cons: Things I Disliked About Exotic Car Hacks?

  1. Expensive courses
  2. Not practical and risky
  3. No clear explanation for people outside USA
  4. Not for everyone

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Conclusion( My Final Verdict)

If you have a passion for cruising exotic cars but having an annual income of not less than $60,000 then this course is for you.

But one thing you should remember its all about keeping your cash but not rather making massive profits.

It is a great course I have no doubt but If you want to make a passive income stream that will give you that financial freedom you are always looking for then read through my top recommendation just below!

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