Does Facebook Have Live Chat Support? (Answered)

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If you have a Facebook business or personal account, and you are wondering if Facebook does have live chat support to contact directly.

Then you are at the right place.

When you face an issue sometimes on Facebook and you want to solve it fast.

The best way to get help from Facebook is to contact them directly by live chat or call them to get help with your issue.

But what if the Facebook support doesn’t have a phone number to call and get help.

Instead, it’s important to know that there is live chat support at Facebook that can help you.

Today I will show you what’s the possible ways to contact Facebook live chat support directly.

Does Facebook Have Live Chat Support

Yes, Facebook has live chat support that usually helps business accounts and advertisers to solve their issues.

However, Facebook live chat support can also solve personal account problems.

But by contacting them from the Business Help Center using a business profile.

So it’s possible to contact them for any problem related to your account.

Especially if you have an ad account, this will help you a lot with your advertising journey.

How to Contact Facebook Directly

To contact Facebook directly, open your business manager then click on the “?” button, now find the “Help Centre” and click on it, then start your chat with the Facebook support team.

But first, you have to dig into the Business Help Center to check an answer for your issue.

If you didn’t find what you are looking for, then you can contact live support.

However, the best way to contact Facebook directly is by live chat support.

So you have to have a business profile.

If you have a personal account and you want to get support then you can use the support inbox.

Hence, there are multiple ways to reach out to Facebook.

These are the 8 best useful ways to contact Facebook live support and fix your business and personal account issues.

1.Facebook Business Support Chat

Contact Facebook Business Live chat support

To contact the Facebook business support chat, first, open the Facebook Business Help Center.

Then scroll down and search for the menu “STILL NEED HELP?”.

Now click on “Get Started” and on the new page choose a related issue to what’s happening with you.

Then follow the Instruction to start a live chat with a Facebook support representative.

If you can’t find this menu then you are not yet eligible to contact the Facebook support live chat.

Use instead the support inbox to solve your issue.

But it depends on what issue you are facing, some users can have a payment failure.

Other users get their ad account disabled because of Facebook advertising policies issues.

However, when you are an old user and you are already using the ads manager account for a while.

You can contact Facebook chat from the Help Center. 

2.Chat With Facebook Customer Service

Contact Facebook business support on Messenger

You can also call the Facebook Business Support chat as a Customer Service.

Because they tend to not only solve your business and ad account issue.

As long as you are the owner of a business page and you pay for Facebook to advertise it.

Then you are their customer and your satisfaction is important to them.

But of course, you have to ask them kindly to find out your account for example if it’s hacked or if it has an issue.

When they ask you for information provide that to them.

3.Use Facebook Help Center

Meta Business Help Center landing page

There is a myth that Facebook help center answers don’t resolve any issue.

The truth is some of the users are always in rush to get the answer to their problems.

However, on the Help Center, there are a lot of info and answers about any problem you get on Facebook.

So when you dig a little and check by searching on the Business Help Center search bar for your issue.

You will probably find the answer to basic issues without the need for extra help.

But if you didn’t find your answer, and you really need to chat with Facebook support, then you can go for this option.

There is another way to check the Facebook Help Center for personal account basic issues.

4.Email Facebook For Help With Your Account

Sending email to Facebook support using Gmail

You can contact Facebook by the email address they provide sometimes to get in contact with them.

But there is no guarantee that these emails will always stay active.

They can be disabled over time, so keep in mind that this method may not work with you all time.

Here’s some Facebook email:

  • (Used for basic issues, but you should be concise about what you’re facing).
  • (This email is used for disabled account, password reset, hacked account, accidently colsed account).
  • (When you get an ad account issue, you can use this email to resolve it).

You have to be concise and direct in your emails to get the best support from the Facebook team.

But it’s still worth it to give it a try.

5.Check the Facebook Support Inbox Chat

Facebook support chat Inbox

If you don’t have a business account or an ads manager and you are running Facebook Ads.

Then you have to think about checking the Facebook support inbox chat.

So to check the support Inbox when you have an issue with your account, click on the down arrow at the top right of your Facebook profile.

Then click on “Support Inbox”.

Now on the new page, you will get all the answers from Facebook that you’ve contacted them for.

It’s like an email inbox that’s useful for account hacking, accessibility, or password reset issues.

However, if you have a problem with your Ads payment you can contact the Facebook support Inbox by sending them an Inquiry.

Then you will get the answer in the support inbox.

6.Contact the Meta for Business Page

Send a message to Meta for Business Facebook page

You can contact the Meta for Business page by sending them a direct message.

So first open the Meta for Business Facebook page and click on the “Send Message” button.

But it’s automated live chat support that sends you tips and answers to all your questions about your Facebook page and ads.

7.Join Facebook Businesses Official Groups

Join a Facebook business group and community

One of the best places to get support for your Facebook business is from is the community.

By joining the business community in your country.

You will get help and recommendations from other users that had the same issue as you.

Also, there are discussions between the community members.

Which can enrich your knowledge about Facebook ads and using Facebook in general.

So here are the Facebook community for each country:

Now click on the “Join group” button to join the Facebook community groups.

Then you can start to post and read the discussion.

8.Report a Problem on the Ad Manager

Report a problem on the ads manager settings page

You can report a problem to the Ad manager, if you are facing issues to contact Facebook support directly.

So to report a problem on your Ads Manager, go to your Ads manager settings page.

This will help you to resolve issues fast.

Then click on the “Report a Problem” button at the bottom right of the page.

Now start the process of reporting your issue, then click on “Send Request”.

Usually, the reply will be sent to your Facebook Support Inbox.

Can You Call Facebook for Help

No, Facebook doesn’t have a fixed phone number to call them and help resolve your issue.

However, when you contact them on the live chat for an ad account problem.

Then you were notified that the appeal will take a couple of days to be resolved.

If they can’t reach you after on your messenger or email.

A Facebook support representative then will call you to help you finish and close the case.

So when the issue is serious about a hacked ad or business account, or even an accidentally disabled account for example.

The Facebook support team will schedule a call with you on those situations.

Then call to help you from the support region that is related to your country.

How Long Does Facebook Support Take To Reply

When you contact Facebook live chat support directly, it takes around 2-3 minutes to answer your message by a support representative.

However, when you are waiting for a response for a case about a disabled business ad account, it can take up to 48 hours depending on the working hours.

The Facebook Live chat support is available from 9:00 h to 17:00 h, Monday to Friday on US times.

So be patient and wait until you receive the answer.

But if after a week you don’t get an answer then contact them back.


Facebook has a Support live chat that is always available for their customers.

Especially business customers who pay for the ads to run their business.

But imagine that there are 40 million active small business pages on Facebook.

So a lot of users will definitely face issues with their business and personal account.

This is why the live chat support will sometimes be crowded and hard to reach.

However, the best way to contact Facebook to solve issues is by live chat support.

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