Brian Cha (車志健) Review – Scam or Legit? The Truth Exposed

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Have you been searching for a Brian Cha (車志健) Review? Is Brian Cha (車志健) a scam (呃人) or legit course? I have made a comprehensive review which will help you make a perfect decision.

Most of the Hong Kong residents should be familiar with Brian Cha due to the massive number of Youtube and Facebook Ads he makes to reach out.

I Know you would be wondering is Brian Cha a scam? Stop worrying you are in the right place I have all the answers.

With his automated Sales System, Brian Cha claims to give the best instructions which when followed correctly can help to attract and convert more customers leading to increased revenue.

The internet consists of very many scams before you invest in your money and time, its a good practice to conduct intensive research.

Sharing is caring indeed, at the end of this review, I have introduced to you my #1 TOP RECOMMENDATION to help you also make a passive income online.

Meanwhile lets start ….!

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Who Is Brian Cha (車志健)?

Brian Cha is an author , motivational speaker and a business coach. Cha is also a Chinese entrepreneur and a well known holder of the Guinness World Records for most golf balls hit in a target area in “12 hours as well as the most electrical energy generated by pedaling on a bicycle in 24hrs .

He was born and raised in Hong Kong to a very poor family that stayed in tidy house.

Brian Cha’s father was working as a truck driver and the mother worked as a cloth factory worker.

All his study abroad was founded by close family friends where Cha eventually graduated from university in1996.

Upon graduation that is in 1996, Cha was employed as a fitness coach till 2016. He broke two Guiness World Records.

He then decided to venture in entrepreneurship and later founded the Brian Cha Motivation where he was focusing on online course and marketing.

In 2019, He was invited by the Government OF Macau Tourism Office and Consumer Council to lecture Local entrepreneurs on side techniques and skills.

Among all Brian Cha’s courses, his trending course is the Automated Sales System where he claims it can help you earn an 8 figure passive income.

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What Is Brian Cha’s Automated Sales System?

Brian Cha has created lots of content on various social media platforms but he does not explain in depth about automated sales system.

I was compelled to go inside to find out and this meant paying a few dollars for the course.

But to my surprise, Brian Cha seems to be learning about internet for the first time because he only spoke about the payment gateway and allowing individuals to watch videos online.

You will also discover that Brian Cha’s Automated Sales System IS NOT extraordinary if you look on how he advertises his own courses.

Brian Cha’s website applied click funnels to develop it.

What Is Click funnels?

Clickfunnels is sales funnel builder that makes it easy for local business to list, sell and deliver their products online.

Unlike a website package, clickfunnels makes it easy to customize your designs with its drag and drop builder, no coding needed!

This means you do not need to wait for someone to build your website for you. If you know how to use Facebook, you know how to use Clickfunnels.

These are several funnel builders apart from clickfunnels that is Unbounce or Leadpages.

Advantages Of Using A software like Clickfunnels

Here are some of the advantages of using clickfunnels:

  • You don’t need to worry about hosting
  • No programming and design experience needed
  • Conversion Tracking and split testing to improve results
  • Support to help you when you get stuck
  • They usually offer integrations with cool tools like an email autoresponder and payment processors.
  • The ability to easily change and modify your site
  • Do not have to reach out to a programmer or a web designer to change something
  • Build sales funnel that is used with our ppc marketing strategy

Disadvantages Of Clickfunnels

  • It costs money to use them
  • It is monthly subscription required
  • Requires personal time to build the funnel
  • Limits funnels you make up and visitors
  • You must be ready to learn

Brian Cha is actually using the same concept of click funnels for his automated sales system.

But if this is the case then there is nothing new he teaches in his course, everyone can access and some information is free…

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Can You Really Automate Your Business?

Yes it is possible to automate your business by using automated tools like Click funnels and it actually reduces on the time spent.

Though it is not a complete automation because you will need to satisfy some other aspects of your business yourself like display items, payment processing and attending to emails.

Brian Cha got it wrong because setting up a sales funnel is just a basic step in online business because after setup you are not guaranteed that you will rest and everything performs itself and bring you in money.

Automated tools are made to help us reduce on the workload but it still needs our basic input for the business to run smoothly.

Brian Cha himself makes videos daily and runs ads to get visitors. This shows you how you can automate some aspects of your business but not complete automation.

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Can I Make Money With Brian Cha’s Course?

Nobody can corroborate Brian Cha’s claim of earning a million dollars every month.

Furthermore, creating a sales funnel is only the first fundamental step in the entire sales process. You still have a lot of work to do to genuinely achieve sales.

Product quality is critical.

Can your product truly assist people in resolving their problems? Do you believe in what you’re advocating?

If you sell a money making course like Brian Cha(車志健), you have to devote a lot of energy to create your course content which can really help people.

If your course content is useless, you’ll be bad-mouthed and your business won’t be sustainable.

Presuming your product is fantastic

you must identify the individuals who have specific issues or requirements that your solution can address. To put it another way, you must bring relevant traffic to your website or funnel.

This is the most important step that Brian Cha fails to explain.

A business that does not have traffic is not a business.

Building a sales funnel alone will not get you consumers, contrary to what Brian Cha claims. You must still go out and attract customers to your website or sales funnel.

And in order to do so, you must be familiar with traffic strategies. There are both unpaid and paid positions.

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What is Brian Cha’s Traffic Strategy?

Aside from utilizing Clickfunnels to create a successful sales funnel page, it appears that Brian Cha’s marketing approach (which he teaches) also relies upon the significant usage of different paid social media advertisements, particularly PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

Because of the danger involved, this is a horrible choice for beginning affiliate marketers. If you don’t handle your sponsored marketing campaign properly, you might wind up losing a lot of money.

However, this does not imply you should ignore all forms of sponsored advertising. If utilized appropriately, it is still an excellent marketing tool.

It simply implies that, as a novice, you may lack the necessary funds and abilities to employ sponsored advertisements. As a result, you should only employ them when you’ve established a solid affiliate network.

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Will Brian Cha’s “Automated Sales System” Work For Anyone?

Being honest, the term “automated sales system” is a bit misleading. As is obvious, you always run your business on “autopilot.”

The tools he suggests, such as Clickfunnels and the paid advertising system, simply help to save you time and perhaps boost your productivity.

It is not, however, a completely automated business solution.

You must still remember the essentials of web marketing. SEO for your website, developing compelling content, driving buyer traffic, and so forth.

It is also critical that you continually check your marketing success, particularly your traffic, leads, and so on.

This allows you to adapt your marketing plan based on the trends that emerge from the data you’ve gathered.

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Bad Reviews of Brian Cha (車志健) on YouTube

Brian Cha (車志健) spends a lot of money on YouTube advertisements. Surprisingly, he gets a lot of negative feedback on YouTube.

You may discover a number of YouTubers reviewing Brian Cha if you search for it. Many of them believe he is a con artist.

You can see the following videos before enrolling in his courses:

Brian Cha (車志健) accepted an offer from a Hong Kong media outlet to clarify whether he is a fraudster in this video:

Any Alternatives To Brian Cha’s Courses?

As I previously stated in this Brian Cha review, his courses rely on sponsored ads to function.

Furthermore, as a newbie to affiliate marketing, you may not have the funds to run sponsored advertisements.

However, the moneymaking advice I’m about to provide you will not cost you anything. It’s a business strategy that has already aided over 6000 people.

Furthermore, it enables you to thrive in affiliate marketing even if you have little financial resources.

If you want to learn more about it, check out my best best alternative at the end of this article.

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Is Brian Cha (車志健) A Scam (呃人)?

For legal reasons, I cannot declare Brian Cha to be a scam. There is insufficient evidence to support that claim. However, this does not imply that I endorse Brian Cha’s course.

Brian Cha’s material is fairly basic and may be accessed for free online.

In addition, Brian Cha has only a few years of expertise in the web marketing industry. As a result, you will not gain advanced talents from him.

I’m guessing he doesn’t understand the fundamentals of technology because he depends on his staff to construct everything for him.

He functions similarly to a company spokesman.

One thing that makes me skeptical is Brian Cha’s claim that he is in debt of $4 million. When he was on the verge of bankruptcy, he unexpectedly became a business coach and began teaching people how to do business online. That makes me unconvinced.

Who would want to learn from someone who has failed in his own business? It’s hilarious! The idea here is that would you or should you study from someone who failed the exam and expect him to help you pass it?

Furthermore, if you want to learn about sales funnels or ClickFunnels, you can get free thorough training from the founder, Russell Brunson, when you sign up for ClickFunnels.

As a result, I wouldn’t advise some to signup for Brian Cha’s course.

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Brian Cha’s Networth

Brian Cha’s net worth is believed to be less than $10 million. Based on the 28,000 subscribers to his BCM program, this figure is based.

Brian’s net worth is impossible to calculate. This data is not accessible to the general public.

The number of paying subscribers to his program may only be used to provide an approximation.

Brian Cha’s net worth fluctuates daily.

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Brian Cha Review: Final Thoughts

Hand holding the last piece of white jigsaw puzzle

To bring this Brian Cha review to a conclusion, I’d want to say…

There’s no denying that the internet is still rife with phony business experts claiming to be able to help you succeed quickly.

However, some of them are dubious in their legality, and even worse, they will simply take your money and abandon you.

Brian Cha isn’t a fraudster by any stretch of the imagination. And there’s no proof that he is.

His reputation as a business mentor, on the other hand, remains in doubt. Furthermore, the majority of his classes do not provide any value to their pupils, which is crucial.

Keep in mind that whether something is expensive or not is irrelevant. What matters most is that you get VALUE for your money.

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MY #Top Recommendation : Make Passive Income Online

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