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Before we go into where the greatest source to purchase ESO gold online is, let’s have a look at… Let’s start with the elephant in the room…

Buying Elder Scrolls Online gold isn’t hip, it’s not clever, and you’re definitely a jerk for even thinking about it.

Purchasing gold is against ESO’s Terms of Service. Being part in such a transaction might result in your account being banned.

On the other hand…

People buy gold for many online RPGs on a daily basis, yet only a small percentage of them are truly banned because:

If you’re careful about the quantity you buy, you should be alright (buy less than 500k every few weeks)

If you’re an ESO Plus member, your chances of being banned are likely to be lower because you’re already paying money to Zenimax, so they may be prepared to overlook it because…well, you’re purchasing gold, which means you’ll play longer and pay for ESO Plus for longer.

Always give a few useless goods back to the merchant when you get ESO gold via in-game mail. It’s just to be safe.

Where is the Best Place to Buy ESO Gold Online..?

I do recommend that you look into alternative techniques of obtaining gold (like this GOLD MAKING GUIDE).

But if you really want to, here’s what I recommend:

  1. Choose a trustworthy and reputable online ESO gold seller.
  2. NEVER EVER give your account password to anyone. It is NOT required by gold merchants. They merely need to know the name of your ESO account.
  3. You should get the gold via in-game mail quite fast.

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The Importance of Gold in ESO

For numerous reasons, gold is vital in ESO.

Increased inventory, acquiring mounts, investing in new equipment, mending gear, improving weaponry, and donating to a guild are some of the reasons.

Earning enough gold to do all of these things, however, is easier said than done.

Being able to undertake the hard work of defeating monsters, fulfilling missions, and traveling throughout the area is an excellent method to gain money, but there are other ways to increase your gold.

This is why it’s critical to prepare ahead of time and understand what’s necessary if you want to grow wealthy.

1. Quests

It all starts with missions as you try to gain gold.

As soon as you finish the question, you will be able to effortlessly earn gold. This involves defeating adversaries that appear in these quests.

By collecting up gold when adversaries drop it, you can finish up with more gold. In addition to these alternatives, you can search the region for treasure boxes.

If you devote time to these tasks, you will see an increase in the quantity of gold under your name. This grows quicker as you discover containers, battle foes, and collect goods.

2. Killing Enemies

Human enemies have been known to drop gold along the road.

You should seek for these foes since gold is a simple method to add to your collection. It will soon rise as you spend more time hunting down and defeating foes.

The gold will aid you a lot throughout your quest, whether you’re mending gear or buying new stuff.

The benefit of confronting new adversaries is the possibility of picking up jewelry, equipment, scraps, and glyphs.

3. Item Loot

Loot is a well-known method of obtaining gold. In general, the goal of loot is to collect goods as you progress through your quest.

These goods appear for a variety of reasons, such as being in a container, a treasure box, picked up from corpses, or as a prize.

The goods don’t appear to be much at first glance, yet they may work miracles when it comes to finding premium stuff.

You may start selling resources with this treasure, which is a terrific method to make income.

4. Weapon Drops

As you acquire experience and sell resources to a merchant or other players, you may earn a lot of cash by deconstructing weapons.

5. Glyphs

When you start finding high-quality glyphs, you may sell them for a lot of money. Players like purchasing them in order to level up.

6. Exploration

This is a large topic, and it’s critical to grasp the advantages of exploration in Tamriel when it comes to finding containers, treasure chests, and/or raw resources.

7. Raw Materials

You can earn more money using raw resources than you would with processed materials.

The majority of players choose to gather raw materials and refine them on their own in order to get crafting experience and the resultant improvements.

This is why gathering raw materials is an excellent strategy to supplement your collection before selling it to another person.

8. Ingredients

You may sell these resources to other people that are looking to build new potions, whether they be mushrooms, flowers, or plants.

You should seek for components like Columbine, Bugloss, Lady’s Smock, Corn Flowers, and Mountain Flower since they are in high demand on the open market.

9. Chests

You’ll want to open treasure chests since they’re often stocked with riches.

This makes them fantastic as you seek to amass a substantial quantity of riches through these chests.

They can, however, incorporate other precious objects such as glyphs.

9. Containers

You may easily pick up ingredients or recipes with drawers, pots, nightstands, cabinets, desks, and other sorts of containers.

This is an excellent technique to obtain products that are recognized to be valuable. Normal Racial Motifs can also be found in specific areas of the area.

You may detect Primal and Barbaric Racial Motifs as you progress through the VR1-VR5 zones. Imperial, Ancient Elf, and Daedric Motifs may be found in the VR6-VR10 zones.

You will end up making quite a deal of money, including up to 400 gold, for the rarer ones.

10. Crafting

Because of its total value, you’ll want to keep one eye on crafting when it comes to generating gold.

Crafting experience is required for ESO players to acquire the skill of self-sufficiency. Because the market is flooded with demand for these commodities, it may be obtained by controlling ear, glyphs, and potions.

Anyone wishing to level up will want to get their hands on these goodies.

To sell ahead, you want to start making food, potions, beverages, weapons, and armors. Tri-Pots is an example since that’s where the demand for food, beverages, weapons, and armor is highest.

Other gamers are constantly on the search for these artifacts in order to add to their collection.

Many players want to level up to Enchanting, which is difficult, which is why they search for certain glyphs for new weapons or armor.

You’ll notice a torrent of requests for specific things if you manage to focus on Zone Chat. You can check through this talk to determine if you have any specific products that you can sell.

11. Trait Items

Base-quality gear with a specific attribute is in high demand among players. These usually sell for a high price and may be found as requests in Zone Chat.

People desire specific characteristics, thus they will ask for them, resulting in a hefty haul of up to 1000 gold every transaction.

12. Justice System

When it comes to earning money in ESO, the Justice System is a necessary.

Since Patch 1.6.5, being able to steal and pickpocket has become a technique to locate one-of-a-kind things that may subsequently be sold on the open market to others.

The items a player can steal will vary depending on what is available. Some goods can cost as little as 50 gold, while the bigger “purple” ones can cost up to 600 gold each.

This highlights the importance of looting players and/or corpses.

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