30+ Tips – Elder Scrolls Online Beginners Guide 2022

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The Elder Scrolls Online Beginners Guide 2022 welcomes you.
These are the 30+ Elder Scrolls Online tips and tricks I wish I had known when I first started playing.

Wear All three kinds of armor

To get an armor skill line, you must wear three pieces of the armor kind. You must wear three pieces of medium armor to gain the Medium armor skill line.

You can get rid of the bits you don’t need after you have the skill line, but you will maintain it.

You have three forms of armor in the Elder Scrolls Online Game.

There are three different levels of difficulty: light, medium, and heavy. Spellcasters use light, medium damage dealers use medium, while tankers use heavy.

However, to fully benefit from the Undaunted skill line passives, you must have at least one of each kind.

Get a Free Mount

You obtain the free sorrel horse when you reach level 10 in ESO.
The sole distinction between all horses is their appearance.
The most essential thing to remember is to continue to improve your riding skills.

Your character’s training determines how much your steed can carry, how quickly it can run, and how long it can sprint.

Speed, stamina, and capacity are your riding abilities.
All three begin at 0 and may be increased to 60.

Research Crafting traits

It takes time, a lot of time, to become a skilled craftsperson.
One of nine qualities can be applied to every item of armor, jewelry, or weapon.
Depending on the attributes you choose to wear, you will benefit in different ways.

You can stack characteristics, so you can add as many as you want, but you can also use different qualities on various pieces of equipment.

You can pick the benefits you believe you miss the most when combining qualities.

The reason you should start researching qualities right immediately is that each attribute you already know requires more time to investigate.

The first trait for one item just takes a few hours, however trait 9 takes a month or more unless you put talent into it.

Begin with investigating one trait for all objects, then trait two, and so on.
You’ll be able to make more things faster this method, as armor sets need you to know a certain number of qualities in order to craft them.


What is the fastest way to farm gold in ESO?

You might wonder how I go about farming gold in ESO. It’s really simple to obtain all of the gold you’ll ever want in ESO.

I’ll be releasing an Elder Scrolls Online gold farming guide shortly, but in the meanwhile, here are some of my favorite ESO gold farming tips.

Find an undead-infested Delve or Dungeon where you may go around in circles killing them. You’ll want to find a Dungeon or Delve near a town or a trader so you may sell your loot after your bags are filled.

This is the ultimate fastest way as a newbie, and this is the elder scrolls online beginners tutorial.


Join the Dolme train in the Alikir Desert if you wish to level quickly while earning a substantial amount of money.

To go to Alikir, simply go to zone chat and write Dolmen. You will be invited to the slaughter and will be able to participate.

This isn’t the quickest method to gain gold, but it may be the quickest way to level up and get a lot of it.

Best weapon for your class in ESO

Because it appears to be one of the most often asked issues in ESO, I had to include it in The Elder Scrolls Online Beginners Guide 2021.

What weapon is optimal for my class in ESO is determined by your playstyle.
That’s why I’ll be creating class guidelines for each class, as well as all three positions (Tank, Healer, Damage Dealer).

I’m afraid I won’t be able to answer this in a concise enough manner for an Elder Scrolls Online Beginners Guide, but I can produce films for each class.

Use all weapon types

While I can’t tell you which weapon is ideal for you in this essay, I can recommend that you try all weapons at least once while leveling up.

When you kill a monster while wielding a weapon, you gain the matching skill line for that weapon.

Even if you do not intend to use that weapon, it is a wonderful Elder Scrolls Online beginner’s guide tip to utilize and level all talents at least to the morph point.

This is due to the fact that, for some reason, it levels skills quicker as your character levels, and then slows down after you reach the maximum level.

So, if you need to modify the weapon type later on, this will have saved you a lot of time.

Don’t buy Armor or Weapons

Do not purchase armor, weapons, or jewelry when leveling up.
Save your gold and use it to improve your riding skills, bag space, and bank space.
There’s no need to buy any gear because you progress so quickly in ESO these days, from level 1 to 50, and then again to Champion Point 160, that you’ll be unhappy you wasted your money on anything.

You may, and should, buy food because that buff will be of great assistance to you.

I know that gold is ready to burn a hole in your wallet, but keep in mind that I wasn’t just writing this Elder Scrolls Online Beginners Guide; I was once one!

But gosh, it’s a waste of cash to buy gear till you become Champion point 160.

Deconstruct or sell everything you find

You desire gold, but what you should actually do when you first start out is deconstruct anything that can be demolished.
When you deconstruct, you gain resources for making, and when you create, you improve your crafting skill and can produce better items.
Everything you make may be sold to merchants or at guild stores.

You’ll need the upgrade materials you receive later, and they’ll cost you a lot more than you’d get if you just sold everything.

You may sell anything that is white, green, or blue in quality. You should always dismantle blue, unless it’s jewelry.

Collect All Skyshards.

You find Skyshards out in the open, in delves and dungeons.
Once you find one, you can activate it and harvest the energy.
For every three skyshards you collect you get one skill point.

Every Delve and dungeon got a Skyshard hidden somewhere, and you can use the Skyshard Addon to help you find them.
I’m not sure how many I had to run back for in areas I was done with before I learned this. That is why this tip got into this Elder Scrolls Online Beginners Guide.

Dots (damage over time) vs. Direct Damage.

Your DPS is dependant on how much damage you can stack.
The more Damage Over Time (DoTs) you have running while you just Direct Damage, the more overall damage per second (DPS) you will do.
If you are just fighting 1 – 3 trash mobs, one DoT fired while your approach is enough, and the Direct Damage.

In bigger groups, you should throw in 2 or 3 Dots before going to Direct Damage. In boss fights DoTs is King! Stack all the DOTs you can while weaving in light or heavy attacks between each DOT.
If you have time for a couple of Direct Damage attacks before you need to refresh your DOTs by all means do Direct Damage.

This is where most beginners go wrong because from the start you can handle everything with one skill if you choose the heaviest hitting one.
When we get to more difficult mobs, we are not trained to diversify our skill use. That’s why this tip made it into the Elder Scrolls Online Beginners Guide 2021.

Follow the main questline.

“I know you are the Lost Yogi, but why would you put this tip into your elder scrolls online beginners guide?”.
Thank you for asking, and the answer is as simple as the headline, you can get lost in all the quests in ESO. My first MMORPG was Everquest online, then I boarded the WoW train and none of them felt like ESO in regards to side stories.

If you want to enjoy everything as I did, be my guest it’s plenty of fun and will take you around 3 years to get through it all, and see everything.
To keep track of your progress, you can find your Achievement Points by pressing U. You can’t use them for leveling or buy anything, but you can get a picture of how much of the game you have seen.

The same goes for finding all the Lore Books. There are around 4.000 Lore Books spread out through all of Tamriel.
Now that’s why this made it into the elder scrolls online beginners guide.
The main quest is marked as in the picture below. Good luck.

Use Boats, Wayshrines, and Teleport to fast travel.

Did you know, that you can right-click on any group or guild member and choose Fast Travel? It will teleport you straight to them.
Now that is a tip for the Elder Scrolls Online Beginners Guide 2021.

Log in daily for rewards (Could be a mount!)

Daily Rewards wasn’t even a thing when ESO first came out, back in 2014.
But every game developer learns from what works in other games.
Daily rewards work, and even though you are being manipulated, or rewarded for logging in daily, you should still do it.

Elder Scrolls Online Beginners Guide 2021’s most obvious tip, but if you missed this in-game it could be the most important since this could get you free mounts and pets besides all the other nice gifts.

Join The Mages, Fighters, and Undaunted Guilds right away!

There are more guilds than these you should join, but these three you can find in the first big city you get to.
All three give you a new Skill line, where Mages guild benefits Magicka users the most, Fighters guild benefit Stamina builds the most.
Undaunted benefits everyone, and you need to max it out to get the really great benefits.

The Mages guild level increases when you read lorebooks, so read everything you can find! Fighters Guild increases when killing undead, which is great if you read the part of this Elder Scrolls Online Beginners Guide 2021 about farming gold?
Undaunted increases when doing Group Dungeons/ Veteran Dungeons.
If you need to level fast, you should get to level 45 before doing those, as you will be able to collect Undaunted Quests from level 45.
That way you won’t have to run the same dungeon again unless you get Undaunted quest reward for it.

Search Bookshelfs, Urns, boxes, sacks and coffers.

Hidden in every corner of Tamriel are things you can pick up, use or sell.
Some are ofcause worth more than others, but if you have ESO plus you got unlimited storage space for crafting materials and should collect everything that isn’t nailed or bolted to the floor.

Elder Scrolls Online Beginners Guide 2021

Bookshelves can reveal Lore Books that you missed in your travels or haven’t stumbled upon yet. Also, some of us try to find every book, scroll, letter, note, and tablet in the realm, here searching bookshelves come in very handy.

This is probably an Elder Scrolls Online Beginners Guide tips I would have ignored when I started, but it has cost me dearly since now there are books that I can’t get to, as they are locked by quests I have done and didn’t pick up the Lore Books along the way.

How to get outfits or dye your armor.

As this is the updated Elder Scrolls Online Beginners Guide 2021, I felt it was necessary to include this little tip.
You can make your outfit look like any style you have collected the motifs of.
Also, you can dye everything in any color you have earned (you earn colors by doing achievements). You find the dye and style changing desk in every town that has crafting options.

I promise the tips in this Elder Scrolls Online Beginners Guide will get better as we go down the list.

Recharge your weapons.

The Elder Scrolls Online Beginners Guide would not be complete if I didn’t remind you to recharge your weapons!
Soul Shards are used for reviving yourself and others, but also to recharge your weapons if they have a glyph on them.

Food boost stats and drinks boost regeneration.

It wouldn’t be an Elder Scrolls Online Beginners Guide if we didn’t talk about food buffs.
You can get food that scales to your level by either buying it, having a friend craft it for you, or getting some in the daily reward bonus.

“Green” food and drinks only affect one stat, food affects the maximum stat while drinks give that stat higher recovery.
“Blue” food and drinks affect two stats, and “Purple” affects all three.

You can even get Purple and Gold food, which affects 2 max stats and one recovery. They are often the best buffs in ESO, but also the most costly.

Best food and potion.

Gold food and tri-stat potions should be part of your end-game collection.
Blue potions for Magicka users, Green/Yellow potions for Stamina users, and Red potions for Tanks and PvP.

As read elsewhere in this Elder Scrolls Online Beginners Guide, you should not save potions below your level. It’s a waste of space and single benefit potions drop all the time or you can buy 100 with very few gold coins.

Healing Potions and other selfhealing options.

A very important tip, learn to keep yourself alive!
Nobody wants to group with the Noob who stands in red all the time hoping the healer will keep him/her alive.
As you can solo 85% of ESO if you are good at it, most groups expect you can keep yourself alive for trash mobs and don’t need much healing when fighting the easier dungeon bosses.

All classes have skills to heal themselves, you also have potions and if you are really struggling you can use a Restoration staff.

Don’t save potions lower level than you need.

Bag space is scarce when you start out, and you don’t want to mule around anything you don’t need anymore. The headline here could just as well have read, “Don’t save gear at a lower level than you need.” But for some reason, we think we are going to need those low-level potions in an emergency.

That’s not true. You will forget you have them if the need should ever arise to drink a low-level potion. The same goes for potion types you don’t need, sell them as often as you get a chance. You might end up on a long dungeon run with a group of people, and run out of bag space if you don’t make sure to clean up at every chance you get.

Maybe this Elder Scrolls Online Beginners Guide tip should read “Use the Marchant every chance you get”.
It’s is not easy to cover everything in an Elder Scrolls online beginners guide, I even wrote a FAQ with 25 or more tips. The link to it is at the bottom of this page.

How to Maximize your DPS in ESO.

  • Increase your level.
  • Upgrade your gear.
  • Choose beneficial Set bonuses.
  • Distribute your Champion Point to support DPS build.
  • Level your skills & upgrade skills.
  • Debuff boss mobs with Major Fraction & Major Breach.
  • Learn to weave light attacks in between each skill use.
  • Learn the best skill rotation.
  • Use buff food ( 2-stat or legendary).
  • Use buff potions.
  • Choose the best Race.
  • Utilize Class buff.
  • Remember to bar swap

Read also about:

How to change Glyphs augmentation.

If you find some really nice gear, but the bonus on it isn’t what you were hoping for, just slap a new glyph on it.
The new glyph will overwrite the old bonus, and this can be done as many times as you like.

How to change traits on your gear.

This might be too advanced a topic for an Elder Scrolls Online Beginners Guide, but I want you to know at least, that it is possible and if you get really rare items of champion point 160, and they have the wrong trait (training for example) you can change it.

You need 50 transmute stones and go to Brass City, where you will find this device (see picture below).

Bag space upgrades are worth it!

This is the only thing you should spend gold on, extra space, both bag space and bank space. You will need materials for crafting food, armor, weapons, and many other things. You will get the gear you want to save for a later time, and you might even want to have more than one set of gear with you for long adventures.

Bottom line is, you need extra bag space and bank space.
Most people even make extra characters that they don’t level up, but just buy bag space on and use those to store gear they might want to use at some point.
It is no problem to farm gold as you learned earlier in this Elder Scrolls Online Beginners Guide 2021, but the cost of bag space upgrades is quite substantial, that’s why this is the only thing you should be spending your hard-earned gold coins on.

Elder Scrolls Online Beginners Guide 2021

Training your riding skill also gives you up to 60 spaces extra in your bags. This takes time as you can only train riding skills in ESO every 20 hours.
That’s why I wrote earlier about training your riding skills in ESO.

Only use XP bonus potions and scrolls when…

If you are one of those where all that matters is getting to level 50 and Championpoint 160 (or more) really fast. Don’t waste XP Bonus items while running around doing the slow stuff (like the Harbourage).
Wait until you are level 20-25’ish, then go to Alik’r Desert and join Dolmen Farming. Once you are there and got the 3 needed Wayshrines to keep up with the “train”, pop an XP Potion, or use an XP Scroll and farm all you can for that hour or two.

Nothing is more annoying than wasting great buff at the wrong time.
Even though you are a pro for making it so far into this Elder Scrolls Online Beginners Guide 2021. You should still keep going, I promise you if you liked it so far, you are going to love the next tip.

Visit Cyrodiil.

Even if it is just for a brief moment, you should visit Cyrodiil.
As soon as you get inside, you get a Skill Point just for showing up.
If you play a Stamina Damage Dealer it is even more important, as you need skills called Caltrops and Vigor, and you can only get those skills by playing some PvP.

If you need those skills and don’t know how to get them fast, just use a Restoration staff and join a big group from your alliance, and start healing them. Alliance Points (Those you need to earn to get PvP rank and skills) will rain on you like… well rain in Seattle, Bergen, or any other place where it rains all the time (the UK).
The reason is if you heal someone and they earn AP (Alliance Points) you get the same amount for keeping them alive.

I know you won’t need the Restoration staff skills, as a stamina Damage Dealer when you get to a higher level, but I do hope you understand why, if not I cover this elsewhere in this Elder Scrolls Online Beginners Guide.

Level up all skills.

Perhaps the best tip I wish I knew when I started out.
So it goes into this elder scrolls online beginners guide.
ESO changes all the time, what works today, might not work next month.
That is one of the beautiful things about this game, you need to adapt or die.

For some reason, it is faster to level skills while you are leveling.
I recommend you put a skill or two on your skill bar even if you can’t use them, just to level them up to at least morph point.
When you have done that with all the weapons you won’t use right now, reset your skill points, and set them right.

Even a stamina Damage Dealer could at some point benefit from running a Restoration staff for the shield, and Destructions staff was changed so Ice Staff became a staff for tanking.
By making sure all skill lines and skills are leveled up, while you level your character, you can switch to your heart’s content at a whim.

Some ground even this Elder Scrolls Online Beginners guide can’t predict.
If you want to keep up to date with all the changes, you should look at Patch Notes on the ESO forum.

Important milestones are level 50 and 160 Champion Points.

Level 50, and 160 Champion points are really important milestones.
Level 50 is important because this is when you start to earn Champion Points instead of levels.

Champion Point 160 is also very important because this is the maximum gear level. This means when you hit 160 Champion Points you can start investing in the best gear you can find, and upgrade it to Legendary (Gold), for even better battle performance.

Best Armor and Weapon trait when leveling up.

Like the rest of the game, you should wear 5 pieces of your main attribute gear (light for Magicka, medium for stamina, and heavy for tanking). Also you should wear one of each of the two other weights since you then get more bonuses.

While leveling up, you should have a Training trait on all your gear, stacking experience bonus as high as possible. Wait until level 25+ to worry about this, as you will change gear every 5 minutes when you level below 25.
My advice in this elder scrolls online beginner’s guide is to just wear whatever you find on your way, and don’t waste time or gold, crafting, or buying new gear at all.

Choose the right faction (only important in PvP).

Yes, I have talked about this before, it really does matter what faction you choose in ESO… If you play PvP!
I entered the game not knowing anyone, found some like-minded friendly people, and joined their guild. We were all from Aldmeri Dominion and that was perfect, we ended up doing a few trials. But after a year or so we had to merge with another guild, from the same country because both guild did not have enough serious members for doing Trials.

They were a bit bigger than us, and most of them played the Ebonheart Pact.
Can you guess where this is going?
Yes, some of my old friends stopped playing, and with the majority playing EP, we as a guild raided as reds.
I could do one of two things: reroll a pact character or find new friends. You don’t just abandon old friends, so I had to reroll. Not the biggest problem, but I wanted my main to reach Emperor and PvP rank 50.

What I’m saying here is, if you find friends switch alliance as soon as possible if needed.

Join the Psijic Order.

On the island of Artaeum, the ancient Psijic Order resides, and you should go visit. As soon as you get the Psijic Order skill line, you also get the passive “See the Unseen”. This passive gives you the vision to see rifts in time and space, ok that might sound cooler than it actually is, but never the less you can see these rifts filled with loot.

You also get some very cool skills with this membership and a lot of fun quests. You also get one very tedious quest that seems to go on forever.
But I do end when you have visited every zone.
Good Luck.

ESO-Psijic-Order skill line
ESO Psijic Order skill line
ESO-Psijic-Order passives

Remember to read my Elder Scrolls Online FAQ, which picks up where this Elder scrolls online beginners guide ends. I also made an ESO for Dummies Guide to pick up the slack.

And make sure your PC meets these System Requirements for the best experience.

These were 30 tips in an Elder Scrolls Online Beginners Guide, for 25 more of the most Frequently asked questions in ESO, check out my ESO FAQ. There I answer all the questions I wish I knew when I started out, back in 2014.

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