3 Steps To Check How Old Is Your Discord Account Age

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So, do you want to check and know how old is your account and your friend’s Discord account age?

There are four ways to do it.

Whether it was your Discord or your friend’s or someone else’s Discord.

But to do so, you have to first find the Discord account ID, then use it to check the age.

However, there are some steps to follow to get this done.

So today I will show you how to check how old is your Discord account age in 3 steps. 

How To Check How Old Is Your Discord Account Age

To check how old is your Discord account age, open your Discord app settings and enable developer mode, then open a server or a chat and find your profile picture.

Now right-click on the profile picture and click on “Copy ID”.

After copying your Discord ID, open your browser.

Then go to any of discord.id, Hugo.moe or snowsta.mp websites.

Paste your Discord ID there and find your Discord account age.

1.Enable the Developer Mode on your Discord settings

Disable the Developer mode on Discord

First, open your Discord app.

Then go to the settings by clicking on the “Settings” icon.

When the settings page opens, click on “Advanced”.

A new page will open, so click on the “Developer Mode” switch toggle button to enable it.

You have to disable also the Streamer Mode by going to the Streamer Mode menu.

Then click switch off the “Enable Streamer Mode” toggle button.

2.Copy your account ID

Copy account ID on Discord to check its age

After enabling the developer mode and disabling the streamer mode, go to your discord page.

Keep in mind that you have to be on a server or chat with your friend.

So the main objective is to find your Discord profile picture to copy the ID and check your account age.

Now we will take a server as an example.

On the chat, right-click on your profile picture.

Then click on “Copy ID”.

You can also do the same on any server you are in, so find your profile picture to copy your ID.

3.Check your Discord account age online

Paste the ID on discord.id website to check the age

After copying your Discord ID, it’s time to visit the online website.

So open your browser then visit one of these websites, which are Discord.idHugo.moe or snowsta.mp.

We will take the Discord ID website as an example.

However, you can use the other websites as well.

So, after copying your Discord ID, paste it on the Discord.id website.

Then click on Lookup and a popup will show up, so click on the “Press to Start” button.

Now the app will show you the results, and you will be able to check how old is your Discord account age.

How To Check Discord Account Age of Your Friends

To check the Discord account age of your friend, open any server or chat your friend is in, then right-click on his profile picture or name and copy his ID.

After copying his ID, visit one of the three websites mentioned above to check his account age.

1.Open a Discord server or chat with your friend

Choose a friend from the Direct Messaage page

First, open your friend chat or any server your friend is in.

You can also find them on the “DIRECT MESSAGES” page.

However, you have to keep in mind that the Developer mode should always be on.

To be able to Copy the Discord ID of your friend.

2.Copy your friend’s Discord ID

Copy your friend ID

So when you find your friend’s profile picture, right-click on it.

Then a new popup will show up with a lot of options.

So copy the Discord ID from that menu.

3.Check your friend’s Discord account age

Check your Friend Discord account age online

After copying the Discord ID of your friend.

Go to the discord.id website, then paste your friend’s ID on the blank bar.

Now click on Lookup, then click on “Press to Start”.

Finally, the results will show up, and you can see your friend Discord account age.


How Old Is My Discord Server

To check how old is your Discord server age, first, you have to ensure that the developer mode is on from your Discord Settings.

Then find your server profile picture on the left sidebar of Discord and right-click on it.

A new popup will open, so click on “Copy ID”, then go to discord.id.

Pate your Discord server ID there and check the server age.


Checking your account age is an easy thing, so you just need your Discord ID to do it.

However, the good thing about it is that you can also check your friend or server account age.

So today, you’ve learned 3 steps to check how old is your Discord and your friend’s Discord account age.

Keep in mind that you have to enable the developer mode to get the ID of the account.

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