10 Snapchat Emojis Ideas and Themes for Best Friends

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Best friends on Snapchat have special default emojis that show next to their names, especially the streak emoji, but you can get new emojis ideas for these friends and themes combo and change the way they look.

Snapchat has over 230 million users, and there are a lot of things happening on the app every day.

There are a lot of friendly relations that happen every day.

This is why the Snapchat emojis were created to track your friendship progress.

However, when you are bothered with the list of emojis that you have, you can make some changes to look unique.

So there are a lot of emojis ideas that can inspire you.

Today, I will show you 10 Snapchat emojis ideas and themes for your best friends.

Snapchat Emojis Ideas

In this list, you will get different types of Snapchat emojis ideas that are related to your lifestyle.

So you can pick the one that you feel is ideal for your lifestyle or others that you may like to add and try on your Snapchat emojis list.

However, these sets are good combos for your Snapchat best friends.

1.Aesthetic Emojis

Aesthetic emojis idea for Snapchat

As Aesthetic persons like the old days’ filter, and eventually, like uniqueness, this list is especially for aesthetic people.

So if you like the aesthetic lifestyle, and you have this within your personality, you can use these aesthetic emojis as they look so natural.

2.Cute Emojis

Cute best friend emojis

As we know, cuteness is always represented in small things.

However, if you are a person who likes cute things, and you’d like to get inspired by some cute emojis, then you can try out these emojis.

3.Halloween Emojis

When we listen to Halloween, we all know that the first thing that comes out in our brains is the carved pumpkins.

So in this Halloween emojis list, you can find all the Halloween-related icons.

You can use it only for this day only, then restore the list back to default.

4.Christmas Emojis

Christmas set for Snapchat

One of the emojis ideas that you can use on your Snapchat is the Christmas emoji list.

If you are the type of person who likes the pre-new year’s days, and you want to celebrate Christmas Day in your way.

You can do it on your Snapchat also, especially with your best friends.

So by using this list, your best friends’ emojis will transform into red color icons inspired by Christmas day.

5.Ocean Emojis

Ocean emojis ideas for best friends on Snapchat

For those who like the sea and adore surfing, this list is made especially for you.

By using these emojis, you will transform your Snapchat best friends into surfers.

However, there are some sea waves icons added on the list which can be used at the place of your Snapchat streak.

So you can replace the Snap streak fire icon by adding the sea waves instead.

Additional Snapchat Emoji Themes

These are additional Snapchat emojis ideas which also called emoji themes, so they come in a full set together.

You can use them if you like to get the same color in a row.

However, they’re well-chosen to match the most liked colors across social media.

1.Pink and White Emoji Theme

Add Pink and white emoji themes

If you like clear colors, and you want to spread your feminine feeling on Snapchat, then this pink emoji theme is for you.

In fact, there are multiple icons that have pink colors on them.

So this emoji theme can fit your feminine colors which are pink in addition to white.

2.Green Emoji Theme

Green emoji combo

As green is a primary bright color, it can create feelings of joy and happiness.

So there are a lot of people who like the green color, which is the color of nature.

Especially if you are a vegan person.

It’s one of the most used colors in the social media platform when it comes to the posts that people publish each day.

So with this green emoji theme, you can bring good emojis ideas for your Snapchat best friends.

3.Blue Emoji Theme

Blue emoji themes for Snapchat best friends

Have you asked yourself a question, why the color of the sky is blue?

It’s caused by a phenomenon called “Raleigh Scattering”, so there is small electromagnetic radiation that happens on the waves of water.

Hence, when you look at the sky in the morning, you see the blue color everywhere.

This emoji theme brings back the blue color to your Snapchat.

4.Purple Emoji Theme

Purple emoji themes for best friends

The purple color stands for romance, spirituality, and wisdom.

So if you are someone who’s romantic and like to see the purple color everywhere, you have to use this Snapchat emoji theme.

Perhaps you got the snap streak emoji with one of your friends, you will be happy with this theme because there is a purple firecracker emoji on it.

5.Cat Face Emoji Theme

Cat emoji themes on Snapchat

The cat emoji caricature is one of the emojis that you may have used to express your extraordinary feelings.

When you send the laughing cat emoji to someone, it’s like you are laughing like crazy.

However, if you like the cat emojis, you can apply this set to make it appear near your Snapchat best friends.

How To Change Streak Emoji

To change the streak emoji on Snapchat, open the chat page, then tap on the three dots at the top right of the screen.

Then open the emojis page and select the streak emoji to change it.

However, you can change the other Snapchat emojis as well using this method after checking the emojis ideas above or selecting your preferred emoji themes set.

1.Open your Snapchat chat page

Open the Snapchat chat page to change the streak emoji

First, open your Snapchat chat page on your Android or iPhone.

Then tap on the “Three Dots” at the top right of the screen.

Now a popup will show up, with multiple options.

2.Go to the Emojis page

Select the snap streak icon to change the streak emoji on Snapchat

When the popup shows up, tap on “Customize Best Friend Emojis”.

After that, a new page will open.

On that page, you will see all the best friend default emojis created by Snapchat.

2.Select and change the Streak Emoji

Change the streak emoji on Snapchat

After opening the emojis page, tap on the “Snapstreak!” emoji to change it.

Now you will see all the other emojis on the new page, so you can select a new one by simply tapping on it.

However, note that if you stop chatting and sending snaps to your friend within 24 hours, the Snapstreak will disappear.

You can check the full guide on how to change emojis on Snapchat.

Finally, if you want to get the default emojis back, you can tap on the “Reset to default” button on the emoji page.


There are a lot of Snapchat emojis ideas that you can get inspired by, to renew the look of your best friend emojis.

Moreover, you can choose emoji themes on Snapchat that come like a set of similarly colored emoji.

Which you can add to your chat page and enjoy a unique set of any color you like.

So today you’ve seen 10 emojis Snapchat ideas and themes that you can apply to your Snapchat chat page.

You’ve also learned how to change the snap streak emoji and other emojis as well.

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